L’Oreal Infallible Sculpt and Shape Stick range – Review



L’Oreal’s Infallible range has been around for a few years but it’s never been something that has overly stood out to me. I have always swung more towards their True Match collection. However, when the launch of the Infallible sticks started popping up on my Instagram, I grew increasingly curious. When it comes to beauty, I try and stay away from any fads or clichés. Stick products, especially that of foundation, have always fallen into that category for me. I have always been curious but as this type of product has mostly evolved from high-end brands, it’s just not something I’ve brought into. So when L’Oreal released an entire stick range consisting of foundations, blushers, bronzers and highlighters, I figured it was time to try them out.

This range is designed to shape and sculpt the face and that is why it has such a large variety of product. When I walked to the counter, I was absolutely amazed at how large the collection was. However, when I looked further into the collection, I did become increasingly worried at the limited shades for the foundation. When I got back home I decided to do some digging and discovered there are only 12 foundation shades with 3 darker ones. Pretty horrendous if I’m honest but it’s becoming increasingly obvious that this is a marketing technique from brands. Hopefully one that will end soon.

Moving onto the products themselves, I picked up one of everything so I could really test the waters. Now all of these products are super creamy, super light and super easy to blend. For me, they have completely transformed my morning routine as they are convenient, quick and easy to use. They’re hassle free and really don’t take up a lot of time.


Starting with the foundation stick. This is probably one of my favourite products from the range. It has completely revolutionised my morning routine, making 10x quicker. It’s super creamy texture, makes it incredibly light on the skin but it still gives you outstanding coverage. With one layer this is definitely a medium coverage but it can be built up. Furthermore, what I also love about this product is it is so easy to top up throughout the day. Although this is a bad habit, I spend a large proportion of my day leaning on my face. So by chucking this in my handbag, I can touch up anything that has worn down. What I will say about this product, is that after about ten hours of wear it can begin to feel a bit powdery. This doesn’t overly bother me but if this is something you are sensitive to then maybe that’s something to consider. Overall, I absolutely adore this foundation and it will be a staple in my collection.


Moving onto the bronzer. This is probably my least favourite out of the line but I still really enjoy it. The only reason why I say this is my least favourite is because for me personally, when I have a stick product, I want to use it on its flat face. I don’t think that’s particularly unreasonable as that is its design. So when I went in and did that with the bronzer, lets just say, I largely resembled a tiger – it was not flattering. Similar to the foundation, this is a high coverage, creamy product so if you go in with too much, you’re in for a disaster. That being said however, I quickly learnt from my mistake and used the product on its side so to apply in small layers and it is amazing. I have to say, I don’t particularly reach for this in the morning as bronzer is something I can do in seconds and this takes a bit longer to blend. When I have time on the weekends however, this is a beauty. I wouldn’t necessarily use this for contouring but it makes a beautiful bronzer!


Now onto the blusher. I have always been a big fan of cream blushers but finding ones that actually work can be challenging. Especially in the drug-store, cream blushers can leave you looking like an absolute mess. Finding ones that don’t move your foundation or crack on the skin is rather difficult. So I didn’t get my hopes up for this one but I was pleasantly surprised. Compared to the other products in this range, the blusher is actually very light so you can easily work with it. Along with this, it’s not quite as creamy as the other products so it doesn’t move anything underneath. It’s definitely a buildable coverage so you can gently go in and build it up. This blusher just left me with the most gorgeous rosy tint, which stayed put all day!


Finally, moving onto my favourite product of the range, the highlighter. We all know by now that I am a massive highlighter junky. No matter what its form, I love a good highlighter. Recently, I have really been appreciating cream based highlighters as they just give you the most gorgeous subtle glow and that’s exactly what you get from this one. Placed on the high-points of the cheekbone, it just illuminates your skin. The benefits of the stick really do show off in this product as you can place it where you want. This isn’t a BAM highlight but it just so sophisticated and gorgeous. It is absolutely brilliant for the day-time and I can’t see it being a product I get tired of anytime soon.

All in all, the Infallible stick range has completely changed my opinion on stick based products and I think we will be seeing a few more popping up. I have recently found that prices in the drug-store, especially L’Oreal, have been slowly creeping up but this range gone back to basics. I’d wait until there’s an offer such 3 for 2 so you can make this a really affordable range that covers all your bases.

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