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Valentines is just around the corner and this weekend the shops are racking in the money and about 1/5 of guys and some girls are preparing to pop the question. Although I am in a relationship, I absolutely despise valentines day, shock. The extent that me and my other half celebrate it is, well we don’t. This is our third valentine’s together and the previous two have either been spent working or me going to see Fifty shades of Grey with my girls. If I’m honest, I really wish that was my plan this year but my friends literally live all over the globe. However, I am very aware that a lot of people love valentine’s day and go full out. Therefore, as someone who loves going on date nights with my partner, I thought I would share some of my favourite date night lipsticks.

I know a date can involve literally anything but for me and partner it is ALWAYS centred around food. Therefore, I don’t want to be messing around with any colours that could end up in a mess. Although it’s no secret that I love a good nude, on a date night, I don’t even consider anything else. To make sure that I still look dulled up, I’ll opt for something maybe a bit glossy or something that leans towards a pink. I have five lip products that I rotate between on date nights, ranging from a low to high price point.

L’Oreal color Riche matte in ‘Erotique’


The name kind of does the explaining for this one! This is a matte pinky nude that just makes your lips look irresistible. It is a very creamy matte so it not uncomfortable nor does it crack in the lips. This is my perfect shade for when I am going out to dinner as it I know it’s not going to smudge whilst I dig into a big bowl of pasta.

Rosie for Autograph lip crayon in Super Model Smile


I have to admit, Rosie for Autograph for me is such a hit or miss brand. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with them but the lip crayons are absolutely gorgeous. Super Model Smile is the perfect glossy nude that just leaves you with a pinky tint. It just gives a nice shine to lips, making them look super seductive. What I love about this gloss is the fact that it’s not sticky or uncomfortable and it can be easily topped up!

Lancome Matte Juicy Shaker in Beige Vintage


Last summer I fell in love with the Matte Juicy Shakers. They are super pigmented, long-wearing and comfortable. Not to mention the packaging is absolutely adorable. Beige Vintage, is just your perfect pinky nude that is great for any occasion. Although I would consider this a nude based shade, it’s pigmentation really pushes it onto the pink scale so it can really glam you up with very little effort.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk


Let’s be honest, I don’t really need to say much about this lip product. If you’ve never heard of it, where the hell have you been because it is just the best!? To put it frankly, Pillow talk is just the sexiest nude you have ever seen. It’s Charlotte Tilbury so you’re getting outstanding quality and the shade is just to die for. Whenever, I wear this lipstick, I feel on top of the world. If we’re going on a date night for a special occasion, this is the product I will wear.

Guerlain Rouge G lips 76 Gracy


I picked this shade up a good few years back now and if I’m honest it only comes out on a few occasions but when I wear it I feel very womanly… It is definitely a true pink rather than and nude and therefore, I only really wear it in summer. It may be a bit of an irrelevant mention considering the time of year but it’s always ready to be picked up for a summers date night. Obviously, you can wear whatever you want any time of year and if you love a good pink then I really would recommend this product! It is definitely pricey, but you get your money’s worth! One the packaging is stunning and two this is an amazing lipstick. It’s comfortable, shiny, long-wearing and just everything you would want from a high end product!

So that’s it for my date night lipsticks! I definitely stay in my nude comfort zone when I’m on a date night! I would love to know what you’re go to lip products for a special night!

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