Little hacks that get me through the working day


I haven’t been in a proper routine for four nearing on five years. As soon as I went to university, all healthy routines went out of the window. So when I started my internship last week and had to be up at 6am, my body really did struggle. On the first day, when I got home at 7’oclock in the evening, I fell asleep within the hour. The second day was pretty much the same and then I spent the entire weekend trying to recover. I genuinely had forgotten what it was like to have your day spilt into breakfast, lunch and dinner. When Monday rolled around, I remembered what the Monday blues are like and apparently the public transport feels them too and makes everyone else pay for it. Now we’re on today and I actually feel relatively human again. As I have been really enjoying my internship, I haven’t really been feeling any of these emotions or the tiredness whilst at work but it has been hitting me hard from the second I step on the train home. So to make things a bit easier and to ensure that I am being as productive as possible, I have placed a few things into my routine.

After the 100th alarm has gone off, as I am genuinely petrified I will sleep in till lunch, I get up, run the shower and make a cup of tea. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with a electric shower or even a shower that runs hot water so I have to give it about ten minutes to warm up a little. I always make sure that I have breakfast and it is the first thing I do so even if I am running late, I have eaten. I usually only really have some Weetabix as they’re quick, easy and set me up for the day. I usually, take some fruit in my bag so I can eat this on the train just so I’m not immediately thinking about food when I get in the office.


Due to where I live and where the station is, I have to walk to catch the train. This is a really easy 15-minute walk that just boosts my energy levels. I have to admit I don’t feel as happy about this walk on the way home but in the morning it is actually quite refreshing. On the first day, I did catch the bus the other end to the office but to save some cash I now walk that too and that only takes 25 minutes. This may make me sound like an absolute nutter, but walking in the morning really does help me feel awake. Even when I am on the train, I feel myself getting tired so the walk the other end ensures I enter the office refreshed and awake. Again, the walk home is never as fun but I think about how I’ve been sitting down all day and how much money I will save in the long-run.

As I said at the beginning, I haven’t had a breakfast, lunch and dinner routine for a very long time. I have been working in hospitality for the past seven years and therefore, I don’t have a strict eating routine and when I do eat, it’s typically large meals. So to make sure I can keep going for the day, I take all my food with me. I take two portions of fruit or a portion of fruit and snack bar to eat either side of noon and I have a good lunch. This way I’m not thinking about food for the whole day nor am I staring at the biscuit stand behind me.


Looking further ahead, I let myself off for the first few days as I was so tired but I will be making sure that I sit down at my desk for an hour when I get home. Rather than getting home and sitting on the sofa and wasting my evening, I will use an hour to make sure I don’t fall behind in my blogging! As I said, I love my internship but as soon as my brain switches off when I leave the office, I really do feel the effects of being in such a strict routine. So these are just some things that I started doing pretty much immediately that I helped my body adjust to the sudden change. If there is anything you guys do to help you get through the day, I would love to know in the comments!

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