Benefit POREfessional pearl primer – Review


Benefit are very well known for their extravagant product launches; take their latest  for example, which saw a handful of successful bloggers jetting off to the Maldives. As the attention is now on their new mascara, which I am yet to try, the POREfessional pearl primer has kind of dropped out of discussion. However, as it was only released a few weeks back, I have been thoroughly putting it to the test and thought it was about time to review it!

Since it’s launch, this product has received a lot of attention in the beauty world. It has only been for the past few days where eyes have focused elsewhere. The pearl primer is the younger sister of the original POREfessional. It has the same oil-free, light-weight, pore minimising formula of it’s big sister just with one difference; the pearls. This product is aimed at people like me who hate anything matte but still want to reduce the appearance of our pores and remain oil free throughout the day. There isn’t a product out there that allows you to get those mattifying qualities without leaving you with a matte face.

Despite it being the number 1 primer in the UK, I have never been able to use the original POREfessional as I just cannot stand the matte finish. Therefore, the pearl primer really does fill a gap in the market for me as I can now get the perks of matte products whilst still having a luminous face! The pink colour of the product completely lifts any dullness and just brightens up the complexion.


Putting the finish to one side, what I really love about this product is how it holds my makeup all day. The original POREfessional is well known for controlling your oil levels and maintaining your makeup all day long and this little sister definitely has those qualities to. Even if I have been running around all day, the primer really does control my makeup and ensures that everything stays in place.

Now obviously just as with its big sister, if you don’t like silicone products, you probably want to stay far away from this. The silicone formula is what allows this product to be so good at minimising pores! However, of course as with everything there are definitely alternatives out there.

For me, this is my new favourite primer and I am so glad that after 6 years, Benefit finally gave us matte haters a product to love and enjoy!


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