Everyday work makeup


If you follow me on Twitter you will know that this week (actually today when this goes up) I start my internship in the journalism field. As I have been trying to figure out what I want to wear and the type of look I want to go for, I thought I would share my ‘professional work makeup’. Now obviously as I get more comfortable in the role and see how the other women in the office dress and look this may change but for the first day I want to look as professional as possible.

For my base, I want a flawless yet very natural coverage and therefore the Charlotte Tilbury light wonder is the foundation to go for. I will partner this with a bit of concealer just to make sure everything is covered. As I want this look to remain extremely natural I will gently dust over some translucent powder just to set everything in place. To warm up the face, I will use my much loved HourGlass Ambient lighting bronzer, for blush I will use NARS Orgasm and finally for my highlight I will use a light dusting of KIKO Fall 2.0. Everything on my base will be done with a very light hand just to enhance my natural features.


Moving onto the eyes, the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Eye palette is going to be my new best friend. This is my go to ‘adult’ palette when I want to look my most mature and professional. The palette consists of 10 nude shades that are all designed to sculpt out the eye. I will be taking ‘Defiant nude’ all across my lid, ‘Audacious nude’ and ‘Fiery saffron’ in my crease and on my lower lash line, ‘Untamed Teal’ will be used on my outter corner and ‘Savage storm’ just across my upper lash line. I will finish off with a bit of mascara and that will be the eyes complete.


I will be finishing the look off with my HourGlass Confession lipstick in ‘I’m addicted’ as it is just the perfect ‘your lips but better’ nude.

All in all, for my first day this look is very natural but still elegant and sophisticated (at least I like to think so). For me, this is the perfect office/work makeup look, which is also very comfortable and not heavy! As I am also going to be applying this makeup at 6 in the morning, I wanted to make it very simple as it makes it bit easier when I’m still half asleep and it also ensures that it will last all day!

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2 thoughts on “Everyday work makeup

  1. Love the look! Very professional. I did the same thing when I started my office job a couple years ago–always going for really natural looks. Over time I noticed a few other women donning red lips to the office, which made me extremely happy! Now I play a little more with color! Good luck with your internship 🙂

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