No makeup, makeup in 5 simple steps



Despite being a beauty blogger, on a day-to-day basis, I don’t actually like getting up and doing a full face of makeup. In fact, most of the time I don’t like doing my makeup at all. Of course when I’m in blogging mode I absolutely love putting on and trying out new makeup. Unfortunately however, as I’m not a full-time blogger/writer, I have this alter ego that takes up way too much of my time and she’s rather realistic and wants to pay the bills (how dare she). So on these days when I don’t have time to play around with my latest purchases, I have five simple steps that help me look a bit more presentable and I thought I’d share them with you!

1) Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder foundation is my go to when I want to look absolutely flawless with very minimal effort. This foundation is very light in coverage but it evens out the skin tone and can be built up to cover any blemishes. If I’ve had a fresh break out, I’d go in with a bit of concealer but mostly I just leave the base as it is with the foundation. On the most part, I also leave my under eye and just use a denser brush to apply the foundation in my inner corners. Although it’s a very light foundation, it does everything you would want it to do. Of course, I do set all of this with a powder but it’s usually just the nearest one at hand!

2) Secondly, just to add a bit of warmth and definition to the base, I go in with a bit of bronzer. Typically, I will use my HourGlass Ambient lighting bronzer as it just gives a nice subtle lift and glow. I make sure that I use a very light hand as all I actually want to do is bring a bit of life back into my face!

3) Moving away from the complexion, the next thing I do is fill in my brows. As I now tint them at home, I usually only need to fill in any sparse areas. If my tint has worn off, it might take me a bit longer but not by much! I have recently switched to the Benefit Goof Proof pencil (review here) and it makes the entire process so much easier.

4) Next of course is mascara, as I always feel so much more pulled together once it’s applied. Mascara for me is one product that makes me go from looking absolutely terrible to actually kind of okay. On days when I’m doing minimal makeup, I will only apply the mascara on the top lashes as this makes me look awake but it also ensures nothing smudges or runs throughout the day!

5) Finally, I wouldn’t be me without a good nude lipstick. As I keep my favourite lipsticks in my handbag, I will usually reach for one on my way out of the door! My current go to is the HourGlass Confession lipstick in ‘I’m addicted’.


So those are my five very simple steps that just make me look pulled together when I am going about my daily life! I would love to know if you have any quick tricks that you do on a daily basis!

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