Revolution Bake and Finish – Review


Baking as a beauty trend really took off in 2016 but on the most part it kind of just stayed there. Yes, it is still used by celebrity makeup artists so this isn’t me saying that it no longer exists, it’s just it’s not really spoken about anymore. Most people now know what makeup baking is and how to do but if you don’t, there are already hundreds if not thousands of videos on YouTube.

It is for this very ‘over done’ reason, that I was a bit surprised when I saw the new ‘Bake and Finish’ from Revolution. Essentially, it is just a translucent loose powder, which is great because they will never go out of fashion. However, by putting the word ‘bake’ in the name, it places the product in a very specific category. I suppose though, this could act as a brilliant marketing technique as encourages the consumer to re-try baking and thereby purchasing this product!


Moving onto the actual product, it comes in the traditional Revolution loose powder packing, which is very photogenic but a bit difficult to use. If you don’t own a beauty palette, which you can pour your makeup onto then this product might be a bit of a challenge. Due to the very small lid, you haven’t got much space to get your brush or sponge in. Therefore, for the baking part of the name this is probably a pro but the finishing part it’s more a con because you can’t really swirl your brush around to get that light dusting.

Of course there is always a way to work around these problems, it may just get a bit messy. Once you get the product on your face, it is actually very nice. What I love most about this product is its unexpected quality. Most drugstore loose powders, especially the lower end, can come out quite dusty, sometimes chalky and can leave you with that white finish. This product however, has none of these qualities, which I have to be honest I was quite surprised by.

This product isn’t overly heavy that it leaves you looking like a powdered mess, it is just a nice light coverage that sets everything in place. When it comes to actually baking, it works very well. As it is very lightweight, it doesn’t make the under eye feel heavy or uncomfortable, which is a massive tick in the box. Second to that, it also doesn’t leave you with that white mark that can be picked up in flash, yay for those of us who spend a lot of time behind bright lights!


Overall, for £5 this is a very nice product! I think this makes a good drugstore alternative to the Laura Mercier Translucent powder. All be it, I wouldn’t go as far as to say this is a dupe because it has a very different consistency but it is a perfect alternative!

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