NARS Natural Radiant Longwear foundation – Review


I have loved NARS for many years, in fact alongside YSL it was one of the first makeup brands that I properly explored. For some reason however, in 2017 it kind of fell off of my radar and I didn’t get overly excited by any of their launches. This is probably because last year I tried a lot more new brands and my favourites kind of got pushed to one side. However, when the Natural Radiant Longwear foundation started popping up on my Instagram, I was apprehensively waiting for the launch.

The day it landed I was down at my local House of Fraser first thing ready to be colour matched. After an in-depth discussion with the consultant all about the foundation and £35 down, I left with the shade 4.

This foundation comes in 38 shades and is designed to have a radiant, full coverage finish. Finally, a foundation launch that isn’t matte!! The stand out element of this product however, is its lightweight formula. Unlike any other full coverage foundation, this product is designed to leave you with a skin-like finish, which is undetectable and comfortable. Not only is it meant to look light-weight and effortless but it is also meant to feel that way. From the moment I started applying I knew that this claim was going to follow through!

I have to be honest, when I first applied the foundation I wasn’t immediately blown away. This is down to the fact that I decided to use a new brush and on reflection it probably wasn’t the best type of brush for this foundation. So as soon as I went in with my Real Techniques sponge, I was over the moon with the results. This product really does live up to its name as it leaves you with the most gorgeous radiant complexion. Whilst it is full coverage, it really is weightless on the skin and is almost undetectable. I will say this does mean that if you have any fresh breakouts these are probably going to show through but luckily you can build this up to reduce the intensity. In my first impressions video, I did mention that I personally found that Sheer Glow has a fuller coverage and it is for the breakout reason. As Sheer Glow is a thicker foundation, it is able to cover breakouts a bit better but of course that comes with a downfall, as it can be quite cakey and uncomfortable.



What I love most about this foundation is the final finish. I don’t think I have ever tried a foundation that leaves such a flawless face. It evens out the skin tone and gives you the most radiant glow, which is my perfect finish. Typically, I like to opt for a medium coverage foundation, as I’m not a fan of how heavy the fuller ones can be. Therefore, to finally find a full-coverage foundation that is completely weightless is a miracle! Applied with a sponge you can get the maximum coverage out of this product, especially with two coats but for a daily basis, applied with a large buffing brush you can achieve the most gorgeous natural glow whilst still getting the coverage you want (and pay for).

This foundation claims to be fade resistant for 16 hours, hence its ‘longwear’ name. The longest I have managed to keep it on is 13 hours, which is still a long time and it really did keep up its performance. Usually, foundations start to fade after a couple of hours so to come home 13 hours later and for it to still be in good condition, I think is pretty good going.

Although this product is up there in price, you definitely get what you pay for and it’s worth every single penny. As you’ll see in my first impressions video, I didn’t quite like the way it applied with a certain applicator so if you find yourself in a similar situation, make sure you try multiple ways to find the one that suits you! If you have a NARS near you then I would recommend going in and asking for a tester so you can really try it out before purchasing!

Now I have found my perfect way of applying it, I just know that this will take a permanent place on my vanity! If you’ve tried it, I would love to know what you think of it!

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