My brow insecurities and switching to Benefit Goof Proof



For well over a year I have strictly been using the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade. Whilst it has definitely served me well, recently I’ve found myself not particularly enjoying the look it creates. Since I started using the Maybelline Brow Tattoo, I no longer feel the need for such a heavy product in-between tints as I can now easily do it at home. Now that I am more comfortable with my ‘natural’ brow, I been after a product that serves to enhance the tint and fill any areas that need extra coverage rather than completely transforming them. I have always been honest on this blog about how my brows make me very self-conscious, hence why I’ve been sticking to a heavy product to fill them in. However, I have never really explained why and I feel like it is time that I do.

My brows are pretty much my only feature where I have inherited my Chinese genes. This means that I have really long and thick brows but they grow outwards (AKA why you’ll never get an over head shot of me). As they are very dark and my skin is very pale, I personally feel that they really stand out and look out of place. This wasn’t helped by my 16-year-old self who took a razor to them and massively over plucked. If I am honest, before brow products came into my life even my “friends” would pick on me about them. Whilst it seemed like harmless fun, the constant pointing out and hand gestures have now left me very insecure about them. So when I say the Maybelline brow tattoo changed my life, it’s because it allows me to leave the house without filling them in. However, I still wanted a new product that would help me fill in any sparse areas once the tint starts to fade. P.S I am very aware that there are worse things to be conscious about but everyone has insecurities not matter how big or small!

Therefore, whilst having a wax and tint at the Benefit brow bar, I decided to ask about their products. Benefit released an entire new range of brow products last year but as I was strictly using ABH, I never felt the need to try any. So, after a good talk with the beautician about what I wanted and my insecurities, we decided that the Goof Proof brow pencil would be my best option.


Since my latest tint has started to fade and I have been using this product, I have been in love. I have stayed away from pencils for a long time because they remind me of the bad pencilled brow days. However, this is the easiest pencil to use and it comes in multiple shades so you can find the one for you. The diamond shape nib allows you to easily define your brows and to create those small hair strokes. What I love most about this pencil is the fact that it is super creamy so it glides on effortlessly. However, unlike the ABH if I have been running around and working up a bit of a sweat, this product does not smudge! Even without a setting gel, it stays put!

Since switching to this pencil, I have been able to create a natural yet flawless looking brow. Whilst this pencil cannot change the way my brows grow, it gives me the perfect shape and finish so I feel confident with how they look!

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