L’Oreal False Lash Superstar X Fiber mascara – Review


I have said many (probably too many) times on this blog how L’Oreal are my go to brand for mascara. So when the Superstar X Fiber (US spelling as is it’s name) was released I headed straight down to boots and made a purchase.

Fibre (UK spelling) mascara is a big thing at the moment and most drugstore brands have released their own version. Typically, I’m not a fan as I generally think they are a bit of gimmick as they can be quite messy and are very time consuming. However, what I quite like about this version is the fact that its waterproof formula stops any fall out and the black primer makes the process a lot quicker!

Step 1 is the back primer, which gets your lashes ready for the fibre by adding length and volume. This is an hourglass shaped brush, which allows it to grab every hair from root to tip. Most eyelash primers that I have previously tried have had very little impact, however, I would quite happily use this one on it’s own! Whilst it doesn’t give that false lash look, it definitely gives enough definition and volume for a daily basis.



The star of the show however, is step 2, which is the mascara. This is the part of the product that contains 20 times more fibres than the original Superstar. A mix of the fibres and the curved wand is what gives you that false lash look. I am always a bit dubious about the ‘false lash’ claim but if I’m honest this mascara does a pretty good job. Now obviously this isn’t going to provide you with a full glam but rather it leaves you with naturally long and voluminous lashes.


If I am honest, my only real criticism is the fact that there isn’t a non-waterproof alternative. As I have been putting this to the test all week, getting it off every night has been the bane of my life. Whilst it does come off, it takes a bit of work. So not only does it involve multiple steps in the application but also in the removal. Whilst I don’t mind this if I’m getting home at a reasonable time, if I’ve had a long and late day it can be a massive inconvenience! Therefore, I would have appreciated it if there was a non-waterproof alternative but I imagine that would cause the fibres to run.

All in all, I really like this mascara for special occasions when I need that ‘false lash’ look that isn’t going to budge. However, just for it’s pure inconvenience at the end of the day I probably wouldn’t reach for it on a daily basis. That isn’t to say I don’t like the product because I love the look it gives me I just don’t have the patience for extreme waterproof!!


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