Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define – Review



As a brand, over the past year or so, Makeup Revolution has really upped its game in the drugstore. All be it, I don’t own a lot of products from them, the few I do, I absolutely love. When I think of Makeup Revolution, I think of powders and eyeshadows so when I saw their new conceal and define concealer, I knew I had to try it.

This concealer retails for £4 and comes in 18 different shades; yes 18. There is big discussion in the beauty world at the moment about colour ranges and Makeup Revolution has clearly been paying attention. This is the drugstore, so you may not be able to find your exact shade, but the diversity gives you a pretty good chance! Big thumbs up there!

Moving onto the product, this is a high coverage, matte formula. If you prefer a dewy look to your skin then I probably wouldn’t recommend this but as it’s only £4 what’s the harm in trying? I personally really like this product underneath my eyes as it gives me the coverage I need without creasing. I will say, this is definitely a product that you need to build. I made the terrible mistake of applying quite a lot on my first go and it just didn’t work. The one thing I will say about this product is that you really don’t have long to play around with it, so by building it up, you have a better chance of achieving the look you want.

Other than maybe a tiny bit around my nose and chin, I’m not a fan of using this to cover any blemishes as it is a little too matte for me. Under my eyes is fine as I always set there anyway to mattify it down but on my actual face it’s bit too much. I personally found that the matte formula didn’t do me any favours but that isn’t to say I think it’s a bad product. I have said many times that makeup is all about preferences and if you’re into a matte look then this is the product for you!

As this concealer is also designed to contour, I definitely put that to the test. Remembering that this is a high coverage concealer, it is important that you apply in layers otherwise it is impossible to blend out. I picked up the shade C14 to contour and I apply small dots in the areas that I want to create a shadow. I have to be honest for contouring, I wouldn’t opt for this as just didn’t give me enough definition. However, as a bronzer it works wonders! Despite it being a matte formula, as a bronzer it just left the most gorgeous golden ‘glow’. I really recommend this product if you’re looking for something to just bronze up your skin!

Overall, for £4 I think this is a pretty good product. Even though it is high coverage, if you build it up you can create anything from a medium to a full so it doesn’t always have to be heavy. Even though I’m not a fan of it being a matte finish, in terms of formulation my only real criticism is the fact you don’t have a lot of playing time. All in all however, I think this is a product worth trying, not to mention it will look gorgeous on your vanity.

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