The perfect birthday treat served by some friendly Italians – Martini Bath

There are very few occasions where myself and my other half actually go and splurge on a meal. The few times we do are almost always on birthdays and as I turned 22 yesterday, we celebrated in true Italian style. Anyone who knows me, is well aware of my love for Italian food but finding a true family run Italian is rather difficult over here in the UK. When we moved to Bath, we came across Martini and I have been dying to go there ever since. So when my partner told me that they were fully booked on my birthday, I was devastated. Unaware that a table had actually been booked, I got ready to go to Miller and Carter. Whilst I would have been perfectly happy with a bit of steak, I was over the moon when we stopped outside Martini.

A jam-packed restaurant in the middle of a relatively quiet street, showed the energy and buzz about the place. When we walked in, we were greeted by a friendly Italian waiter who served us some drinks and showed us to our table. From the moment we walked into the restaurant there was a sense of family and care from the waiters as it was obvious that not only did they want to be there but they also wanted their guests to have an amazing time.


When we were looking at the menu I felt spoilt for choice, as everything sounded incredible. For starter we opted for calamari and a tiger prawn dish. Although the calamari was outstanding, it was definitely a safe bet for us. The prawns however were out of this world. They were fresh, juicy and packed with flavour. Served on top of toasted sourdough bread with a succulent garlic butter sauce, this was by far one of the best starters I’ve ever had!


Moving onto mains, I knew I wanted a pasta dish but I was so torn on what to go for. In the end I opted for four cheese gnocchi and my other half went for crab stuffed black ink ravioli. When the plates arrived I practically started drooling over the table and as soon as I took a mouthful my senses were blown away. Although I essentially went for a cheese sauce, I could not get over how amazing it was. When I got a taste of my partners dish, again I was mesmerised at the flavours taking over my mouth. What I loved about the food was the fact that everything was fresh and homemade and you could really taste that. It was a nice difference from our regular chain restaurants where you know everything has been in a freezer for weeks on end.



Usually when I go to a restaurant, I am never bothered about a dessert but as we were splurging we went ahead and ordered some. Even though we were both stuffed to the brim, we couldn’t resist the banoffee pie. Unfortunately, at this point we were so taken away with everything that we didn’t get a photo but it was amazing. We then finished the meal with an Irish coffee and a glass of port, which made me feel very mature and sophisticated for all of 15 minutes!


I have to be honest, whenever I go to a restaurant, I usually eat my food, have a drink and go somewhere else. In Martini however, I just didn’t want to leave. Although the food was all done in about an hour and a half, we were there for well over two hours as it is so welcoming and comfortable. I have to say usually when we go to eat, because we’re quite young, we often feel rushed and unwanted, no matter how much we’re spending. Therefore, it was so nice to be somewhere wh

ere we actually felt looked after and spoilt. It was the perfect birthday treat! I would also like to point out that considering we went through six cocktails, 3 courses each and coffee, our bill was very well priced!  You pay for what you get but nothing was ridiculously over priced! Brilliant value for money! We loved it so much that we have already booked to go back next Sunday for anniversary, which we don’t usually celebrate. We were so blown away by the atmosphere, service and food that we had to take it as an opportunity to come again and try more of their delicious menu!

If you’re ever in Bath and craving some delicious italian then Martini is the place to be!

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