Looking after your skin this Winter



We are now well into winter and guessing by the autumnal snow sightings here in the UK, we could be in for a rough one. For most of us this means it’s the season of dry, tight and pretty bad skin. Even though I don’t typically suffer with dry skin, this time of year sees it needing a little bit of a moisture kick. Therefore, there are a couple of things I like to do in order to keep my skin as nourished as possible and I thought I would share them with you today.

As I wash my face twice a day, I personally like to use a lighter cleanser for when I am not wearing makeup. Alongside it being lighter, I also like to use one that is a double action moisturiser. This way I am able to gently cleanse my face whilst hydrating it at the same time. My current favourite is from Bath Spa Skincare and I have done a full review of it here. The reason I do this is because thicker cleansers can typically be harsher and whilst they may feel good at the time, in the long-run they can actually dry out your skin with over use. Therefore, I use a thicker cleanser to initially remove my makeup and then I go in with a lighter cleanser to remove any further dirt. Alongside this, I have switched from muslin cloths to proper flannels as they give a gentle exfoliation to the skin and thereby preventing the need for a hard scrub. I started this cleansing routine just before Christmas and I have since noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin.

The next thing I like to make sure I do is to always wear a night cream. Even if I haven’t quite managed to do my full nightly skincare routine, I always make sure I wear either a night mask or cream. I currently keep my Soap and Glory Sleep Accelerator on my bedside so I know that I will apply it. As the skin is regenerating at night, it is really important to wear a night cream that helps this process. You typically want to look out for ingredients such as Retinol, Glycolic acid and Glycerin. Even though it is rare to find a product with all three in, these are the big ones that will help restore and regenerate your skin cells. Since I started wearing a night cream, I wake up with glowing and hydrated skin. Even though I consider this a must have step all year round, it will massively help in these colder months. If you suffer with dry skin but you don’t want to spend a fortune on product then you pick up great ones right in the drug-store!

Moving on, I couldn’t really write this post without mentioning face-masks could I? Face-masks are a brilliant way at helping to restore your skin back to health. I’m not necessarily just talking about sheet masks here either. No matter their formulation most masks are jam packed with ingredients that will help hydrate and restore your skin. Even if you only have time once per week, face-masks should be your best friend this time year!

Finally, but probably the most important step is your water! We all know that drinking water will help us maintain soft and clear skin so make sure you are doing it! Water is the best skincare product you can ever have and if you like tap water then it’s completely free! Even if you drink herbal teas this is another fantastic way of getting your water intake! If your want the best results aim for 2 litres a day!

So these are the things I do to keep my skin as hydrated and nourished as possible during Winter! Leave a comment below of what you do and the products you use!

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