The first beauty haul of 2018

I’m currently sat at my desk, which coincidently is also home to all my new beauty purchases and everything I’m trying out at the moment. Quite a few new products currently surround me as I went on a content hunt this week and put quite a dent in my bankcard. So what better time to do a haul? I don’t typically do hauls very often as I like to do full reviews but as I have a lot of content coming up, I thought it I’d just sit down and show you everything I’ve purchased. Don’t worry full reviews will also be coming once I have thoroughly tested them out!

Revolution Conceal and Define concealer


Starting off with the drug store and a brand that hasn’t seen too much attention on my blog. The few things I own from Revolution are must haves in my collection. So when I saw ‘NEW’ all over the stand, I knew I had to pick some bits up; starting with their new concealers. As this product is designed to both conceal and contour, I picked up four shades; 3 to highlight and cover blemishes and 1 to contour. The product retails for £4 so is extremely affordable but does it work? I guess we’ll find out!

Revolution Bake and finish powder


Immediately after popping the concealers into my basket, my eyes were drawn to their new baking powder. I am a huge fan of revolution’s banana powder so I was dying to try this out! In the tin the formulation of the product looks very similar to NYX’s Makeup Studio finishing powder, however it is a lot less powdery. I am not a huge fan of the NYX version as I find it way too loose and dusty and it just doesn’t work for me. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this product is a lot thicker so hopefully it will be my drug store alternative to the Laura Mercier Translucent powder. This product retails for £5

L’Oreal False lash X Fiber


Okay so I have said plenty of times on this blog that L’Oreal are my go to for mascara. This product is currently being raved about within the beauty industry so obviously I had to try it. Now I won’t lie, double-ended mascara’s remind me of being in school and applying one white layer and then going in with the black. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that Collection and Miss Sporty were the go to for double-ended mascara back in the day and they were brilliantly dreadful to best describe it. As a result I have pretty much stayed away from anything remotely similar ever since but I’m hoping I’m in for a nice surprise. This retails for £10.99, which is pretty standard for a L’Oreal mascara and it claims to be one of their best yet! I will definitely be putting this through the tests to find out!

Eylure Fleur de Force lashes in ‘Fleur Loves’


Whilst on this little drug store shop, I decided to pick up some of my favourite lashes. Whenever I wear lashes, I typically stick to ¾ length as they look a lot more natural and just add volume. I used to go full out with my lashes but I’ve come to realise my eyes just don’t suit them. The ‘Fleur loves’ lashes are perfect for me as they give me everything I want and are extremely comfortable and undetectable!

Hourglass Confession Ultra slim intensity refillable lipstick in ‘I’m addicted’



Moving onto the more high-end products, I definitely splurged and gave into the luxury with this product. Ever since Hourglass came out with this lipstick, I have been dying to own one as they are the definition of complete luxury. The cigarette style golden packaging gives the ultimate experience but I wouldn’t spend £30 on a lipstick just for that. I have been on the hunt for the perfect nude ever since my Chanel ‘Experimente’ ran out and they no longer stock it. Although I’ve come close and have some die hard favourites such as ‘Pillow talk’, I still hadn’t found ‘the one’, if you know what I mean. That perfect shade that just looks right on you. On a random mooch in SpaceNK, I found ‘I’m addicted’ and I literally was. It was just staring me in the face and I knew it was the shade I was after so I had to make a purchase. The only problem is, when I’m wearing it, I don’t want to eat or drink anything as I’m wearing a £30 lipstick…. Although I like my high-end products, there are very few occasions were I actually indulge in makeup but this was definitely one of those times.

SpaceNK N.dulge birthday gift


Luckily, to justify the fact that I had just spent £30 on a lipstick, I was able to pick up my complimentary birthday gift from SpaceNK. Three mini’s for me to put to the test and a skincare consultation with a glass of prosecco; you can’t get better than that! In the set I got the Glamglow Supermud clearing treatment, which I have already used and it is great, the Bumble and Bumble thickening spray, which I don’t really need as I have really thick hair anyway but I’ll still give it a go and finally the Cover | FX blurring primer, which I am yet to try. I think this is a lovely birthday gift as it gives you the chance to test out luxury products before spending your money on them!

Optrex Brightening eye drops


Finally, I recently found that my eyes have been looking a bit dull and tired so I decided to get some eye drops. I know this is a trick a lot of beauty gurus do as it really does work at bringing moisture back! However, I wasn’t too sure what brand to go for. So after spending 20 minutes analysing all the different ones I decided to pick the Optrex one as it seems to really concentrate on brightening, which is what I am after! I used the product for the first time today and I noticed the difference immediately!

So those are all the products I picked up this week and as I mentioned before you can be expecting a full review of most of them!

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