Getting over a period


Okay so periods are gross and they’re not something that people like to talk about very much but we’re in 2018 and if I want to write about them then why the hell can’t I? Okay don’t worry I’m not going to go into any detail about the menstrual cycle nor is this a feminism post about flowing free. Considering I am now dealing with the after effects of a period and the fact that a large proportion of my followers are women, I thought what better time to address getting over a one.

Everyone talks about the hormonal effects before a period and the excruciating pain and constant hunger whilst on, but I don’t see much about the after effects. I mean yeah, my hormones are pretty good right now in the fact that I’m not acting like a complete psycho but everything else pretty much sucks.

My biggest problem when I get a period is always my mouth. For some god forsaken reason, when I’m on my period I get covered in blisters on the inside of my mouth and occasionally on my lower lip line. Pretty nasty right? Since a very young age I have always had problems with ulcers and blisters in and around my mouth but when i’m on my period it can get really bad. My current favourite way of dealing with this is to use Cordial mouthwash twice a day as it works wonders at getting rid of any bacteria. This usually gets to work immediately and I notice my blisters go down within day or two. For my lips, I use Blistex overnight and then a regular lip balm in the morning. Due to the fact it is winter and i’m currently victim to this dreadful cold going round, my lips are taking a little longer to heal than usual but typically a couple days combing the two products and my lips are blister free!

Next to address is obviously the skin. Periods have different effects on everyone, especially when it comes to the skin. Some break out, mine on the other hand becomes uncomfortably dry. Usually my skin has a pretty regular consistency so when it gets dry on my period, I feel incredibly conscious as it’s not something I’m used to. To deal with the issue I basically live in sheet masks and drink an enormous amount of water. At the moment my favourite sheet masks are from Soap and Glory as they are super hydrating and beneficial for the skin. I usually find that I can bring my skin back to normal after the first mask but because I love an excuse to wear one I use them pretty much everyday for a week after a period.



Now obviously when you’re on your period you can lose a little or a lot of iron depending on your flow. “It’s not my fault I have a wide set vagina and a heavy flow”… I mean I couldn’t really do this post without that quote could I? Due to a past illness that had nothing to do with my periods, I always have iron tablets laying around in the back of the cupboard so I just like to take a couple days worth to bring my levels up. Now I know I get my iron back by food and other things so this isn’t something I consider an essential but as they’re there I may as well. I find by taking a couple I am able to get over my period a lot quicker.

Now obviously I have been having periods for a long time and I have never let them stop me from going about my day. I’m quite lucky that I don’t get cramps that badly but I definitely suffer in other areas. My personal periods don’t make me feel that ill or unable to do anything but I know they do others and I can completely understand why! I personally just feel quite frankly really shit obviously during and for a few days after so above are the things I like to do bring myself back to normal.

If you found this post a little TMI then I am very sorry but as periods happen to almost every single female on the planet, I don’t see a problem addressing it! I would love to know how other people get over a period or what you do whilst you’re on to help you feel better!

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