2017 beauty favourites

2017 was yet again another massive year for the beauty industry. There were so many news trends and releases, some good and some not so good. I personally found that the drug-store reached an entire new level, which as a result saw me shopping a lot more regularly. It would be wrong for me to start reviewing new products without me doing a recap on all of my favourites from last year. So that’s what I am going to do today. I have spent the past half hour digging through my makeup and picking out my absolute favourite beauty products from 2017.

The Ordinary Coverage foundation


For me, this is the only foundation release that truly grabbed my attention. It’s the £5 foundation that is impossible to get your hands on but is an absolute dream when you do. I no longer have to make a decision of what foundation I will be wearing, as this is only one I reach for on a daily basis. Even when I want full coverage for an evening out, this is only in competition with Nars Sheer Glow. Deciem did such an amazing job with The Ordinary and have truly released some outstanding skincare products but this foundation is miles ahead of everything else in my opinion.

YSL Touch Éclat Glow shot


Liquid highlighters are a real hit or miss for me but YSL never let me down. I knew from the moment I saw this release that I had to own at least one shade. Glowy makeup is my absolute go to look and this is the perfect highlighter for achieving that. It is easy to blend, which is extremely important with liquid products, and it leaves the most gorgeous glow to your complexion. As this is quite a pricey product, I want it to last but a little goes a long way. One small squeeze and I able to cover all my bases.

KIKO Fall 2.0 Highlighter


Okay so I think I raved enough about this product but when this was released in autumn it well and truly took over my life. For months I had only been using Champagne pop as my powder highlighter but now I am obsessed with this little gem. It is a great starting point if you are new to the world of KIKO.

Maybelline Tattoo brow


Again, this is another product that I have been going crazy about for the past few months but for good reason. I won’t lie as someone who passionately hates their natural brows, this product has been a life saver. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or money to go and get my brows done every few days. Therefore, this product allows me to bring them back to life in the comfort of my own home. Mostly, I love this product because it has given me the confidence to go out without doing my brows, which for me is a pretty big thing!

L’oreal Paradise Extatic mascara


L’oreal are my go to brand when it comes to mascara. For some reason, the majority of the products just get it right for my lashes. I jumped straight onto this mascara when it was released and I have not regretted it since. This is repurchase product that is a must in my beauty collection.

Urban Decay Naked Heat


Just as with my foundation favourite, last year there was only one stand out eyeshadow palette and that was Naked Heat. I had been trying to achieve the burnt orange look for quite some time but I couldn’t find the right shades to give me what I wanted. So when this product was released I knew I needed it. From the first application I fell in love as it allows me to create any burnt look I like. Whether it is subtle or full glam, this palette has it all!

Lipstick favourites


Okay so we all know that I am a complete lipstick junky so narrowing this category down was quite hard. However, I’ve managed to narrow it down to 3 absolute standouts, which I think is pretty good going.

Pillow Talk – I mean do I really need to say anymore here? Charlotte Tilbury literally took over the lipstick world when she released Pillow Talk a year ago. This was my graduation lipstick and is just a staple in my collection.

Lancôme Matte Shaker – When the juicy shakers were first released I had zero desire to own one. In my opinion, if I’m spending over £10 on a lip product (unless it’s an amazing balm) then I want colour and pigmentation. However, when I first laid eyes on the Matte Shakers I was all over it. I picked up the shade Beige Vintage and wore it solidly for about 4 months. It’s comfortable, pigmented and long-lasting. Plus, I adore the shakers design as they as unique and fun but I would only spend my money on the matte version.

Rouge Allure Ink – So this was quite a late release in the year but it was a favourite from the moment I got it. I mean it’s Chanel so there was only so much it was going to let me down anyway but it was worth every penny. If you want high, luxury quality then you have pay for it but that is what you get with this product! A brilliant end to the year in makeup releases!

Soap and Glory face masks


Finally, moving onto skincare, I don’t have that many favourites from the year as this is not an area of beauty where I want to try the latest launches. Rather with my skincare I want to find products that are suited my skin and will work. Therefore, a lot of my favourite skincare products were released years ago and I’m okay with that. However, that being said, the Soap and Glory facemasks were a fantastic skincare release. A lot of the time the more affordable masks are amazing when you are wearing them but don’t really do anything long-term. This is not the case with this launch though. There are different masks, which target different areas and problems but every one works. They do what they say on the tin and you can really notice the difference. If I am honest, I have been constantly re-purchasing these masks from the moment they were first released and I still love them!

So that’s it for my beauty favourites of 2017! I just now hope my bank account is ready for all the new reviews!

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12 thoughts on “2017 beauty favourites

  1. The ordinary Foundation was raved about all over my Instagram! I still haven’t tried it out! I seriously need to be the sounds of it! I second the Maybelline tattoo Brow product! I love mine so much! Great post, thank you for sharing 🙂 I would love for you to check out my latest post 🙂

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  2. Ahhh I need the Pillow Talk in my collection already! I’ve been eyeing for the longest time and everyone’s been raving about it 😀 And the Lancome lipstick looks so cute, thanks for sharing ^^

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