Goals for 2018


Something that I started last year was to no longer set ‘New Years resolutions’ but rather to set yearly goals. As it seemed to work pretty well last year, I’m giving it another go. I have so much that I was to accomplish in 2018 both in my professional and personal life. Therefore, I know I going to need to be extremely organised, driven and creative. That makes it sound like I will have a pretty boring year but I am hoping that by working hard I will be able to tick off as many of my goals as possible!

My first and biggest plan for this year is to grow my blog and social media. As it is now my long term goal to be a full time blogger, I now need to start putting as much as my time as possible into it. In order to do that however, I know there are few mini goals that I need to do first. I am well aware that in order for my blog to reach the next level, I seriously need to improve my photography. Luckily, my boyfriend is a pro at photography so I can have him guide me. I guess he is in for a rough couple of months teaching me…


Alongside my photography, I also want to be in front of the camera more for full body shots. I am well aware that photographs with a human in do a lot better than those with just products. Therefore, I need to improve my fashion and get out of my leggings and a jumper frenzy. All be it, this doesn’t seem like an important goal, I feel that this is something I seriously need to work on considering the subject nature of my blog.

However, I am beginning to realise that none of this will matter until I start filming. Although I have tried and failed in the past, I am going to do everything I can to get over my fears and just start uploading to YouTube. To be realistic, I want to start by uploading once per week alongside my blog posts and once I get more comfortable, I will increase this!

As I am not yet able to afford quitting my job and blogging full time, I am determined to get into the writing world professionally. I want to be able to grow my experience and explore new ways of writing.

All be it, professional goals are important, I also have a fair few personal things that I want to achieve. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, myself and Leo are quite unhappy in our current flat and therefore we are desperate to move. Considering we moved in together, we want to be happy where we are living so this is the most important personal thing for me to achieve in the first part of the year.


I hate to jump on the New Year = healthy eating bandwagon but this is actually something I need to work on. I’m not saying I’m going on a crazy diet but I have some pretty big events coming up in summer and I would like to look my best for them. This is mostly because I didn’t look my best during my graduation and I genuinely don’t want to feel like that again when looking back at photos. Therefore, my immediate plan is start eating properly. My biggest problem is the fact that I don’t sit down and eat a meal and if I do it’s typically fast food. Believe it or not I actually really enjoy cooking when I have the time and this is something I want to do more often. At the moment, I have not joined a gym but I am going to try going for a run or finding a class in the local area just so I am actually exercising as well. Again though, I have no intention of going on a crazy diet or exercise routine as I know it won’t stick. For now, I just want to work on getting as healthy as possible.

Last but definitely not least and not something will come last in priority is my driving license. This is something that I have been putting off for years but I can no longer afford to do that. For both my professional and personal life (considering I live 3 hours away from all my family), I know I need to be able to drive. For the last few months of 2017, I saved up everything I could in order to be able to do this. Now I have the money, all I need to do is find a driving instructor and get it done!


So those are my major goals for this year. If I work hard and really get myself organised I don’t think these are unrealistic. All be it, I need to jump through a few hurdles but this is going to be a year of getting my life together!



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