12 days of Blogmas – Day 11


Yankee candle release amazing scents all year round, however, for me, it is notorious for it’s Christmas range. Without fail, every year I find myself in a Yankee store, resisting the urge to purchase every single one of their festive candles. For roughly the past four or five years, my go to candle this time of year has always been ‘Christmas eve’. When I went to re-purchase it this year however, I found myself torn between a number of scents.

As much as Yankee is a mainstream brand, it can still be quite expensive. Although you can buy the miniature candles, which are extremely affordable, when you are looking to buy the large jars the price can definitely be up there. All be it, their large candles are extremely good value for money but they are still quite an expensive purchase. Therefore, I had to make a decision and just pick one. I decided to skip ‘Christmas eve’ this year and go for something new and picked up ‘Christmas magic’. If I am honest, I think I am enjoying it ever so slightly more.

When I burn a candle at this time of year, I want to walk into the room and for it to smell like Santa’s grotto. From the first moment I started burning ‘Christmas magic’, that is exactly what I got. What I love about Yankee is the fact that all of their candles release a good kick of scent. There is nothing worse than burning a candle and getting absolutely nothing from it!

I have been burning this candle every single night for roughly two weeks and it is nowhere near finished. Considering I only purchased the medium size, I am impressed with how long it has lasted. I have to say, this candle has over taken ‘Christmas eve’ in my mind. The scent is just so amazing and has all the elements of Christmas. If I am honest, I can’t see me finishing this candle any time soon as it genuinely is lasting so long. Therefore, it will be going into storage, ready to make a re-appearance next year!

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