12 days of Blogmas – Day 10


When it comes to Christmas makeup, a good lipstick can turn a relatively simple look into a festive one. The lips are usually the star of the show this time of year as you can really step out of your comfort zone and rock a good red. Therefore, as a lipstick junky, I of course was going to take this an opportunity to share some of my Christmas classics. One of these lipsticks has literally been in my collection since I first started wearing ‘proper’ makeup and it religiously gets worn during the Christmas period. So that probably seems like a good place to start so let jump in.

YSl Rouge Volupte Shine in ‘Rogue in danger’


Now as I mentioned, this lipstick has been in my collection since I first starting wearing makeup. Therefore, the shade name has actually rubbed off so I’m telling you the nearest match in the Volupte Shine range. The colour I have is a true red and what I love most about it is the fact is the fact it is a true glossy lipstick. As much as I love 711 from Urban Decay, at Christmas, I want something with a shiny reflection. For me it just makes the entire look a lot brighter and festive. Although I should probably throw out this lipstick as it so old, I definitely keep it as a treasure however, I just can’t resist reaching for it this time of year.

Chanel Rouge Allure ink in ‘Experimente’


If you follow this blog then you will know that a couple of months ago, my mum very kindly gifted me with this lip product. From the very first moment I wore this, I have been in love. This is the lip product for me that will be worn on Christmas eve, Christmas day or boxing day, if not all three. Although I love a good nude, this product just screams Christmas and it will definitely be getting a lot of love over the next few days! (see full review here)

Smashbox Be legendary lipstick in ‘Top shelf’


I don’t actually think I have spoken that much about this lipstick on my blog if at all. This is relatively new to my collection but it has seen a lot of love in the run up to Christmas. It has been my go to daily lipstick for the majority of the month. Whilst it certainly leans more towards my comfort zone of a nude, it has that berry undertone that gives it a festive finish. I can already tell that this is going to receive a lot of love in the future as it perfect everyday festive lipstick.

I would love to know what your favourite seasonal lipsticks are!

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