12 days of Blogmas – Day 7



If you have been following my Blogmas, you will know that at the Bath Christmas market, I picked up some local beauty products. From Bath Spa skincare, I made two purchases; a hot cloth cleanser and a face mask. I have already done a full review of the cleanser, which you can check out here. Therefore, today I back with a review or rather a first impressions of the face mask.

The first selling point of this product is not only the fact it is natural and organic but also it is a triple action mask designed to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish. For a face mask, on the tin, it ticks all the right boxes. However, as it is all natural and organic, this doesn’t come with a flowery smell or a smooth application. Rather, it has earthy smell and comes in a powder formula. In order to activate the mask you can either apply their toner or just water. Once you have done so, you are left with a traditional clay mask. I will admit, that for me personally, this takes away the relaxation that I am after in a mask. I want my masks to be easy to apply and something that I can just put on and chill out in. However, with this one you have to mix it together in the lid and apply using a wooden applicator, which makes it quite a messy process. Regardless, I still like to give all products a fair try and judge them for how well they do what they’re designed to do.

In theory you only need to apply a thin layer of this product to the face. However, if you are like me then go ahead and apply as much as you physically can before it falls off your face. Now the guidelines of this product tell you to only leave it on for 10 minutes. Obviously as I applied more than I probably should have, I decided to leave it on for 20. Nevertheless, I still found that the mask hadn’t quite dried down as much as I had wanted it to. That’s not necessarily a criticism, just something to note.

When it came to washing off the mask, I have to be honest, I was quite shocked by the results. Not only did my skin feel super clean but it I could feel that it had been exfoliated and my skin just looked healthy. Therefore, my initial first reaction was that this would be the perfect facemask for when I actually needed to give my skin some TLC rather than when I want to relax. I have to be honest, the woman who sold me this mask had remarkable skin and I can now understand why. Unfortunately, I do have to say that I did wake up the next morning with a bit of a break out. However, as I have never used such a natural and organic product, I have given it the benefit of the doubt. I haven’t yet had the chance to try it a second time but when I do, I will be sure to give an update on my social media as to whether or not it continues to break me out.

Regardless of this, I would say that if you are in the market for all natural mask that is actually going to work then I really would try this as you can order it online. I would take into consideration though that this is not the most relaxing product due to the activation and application process.

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