12 days of Blogmas – Day 6




So we are officially half way through 12 days of Blogmas and half way to Christmas! As much as I am really excited for Christmas day, this month has just flown by and if I am honest it has kind of taken away the fun. So to mark the half way point over here on my blog, I thought I would do something a bit more fun. Rather than doing some sort of tag, I have been compiling a list of questions and will be doing my very own Christmas Q&A.

1. What’s your favourite Christmas movie?
In the run up to Christmas I junk watch The Santa Clause 1 and 2. However, on Christmas day I absolutely love sitting down with my family to watch The Muppets Christmas carol.

2. What’s your favourite Christmas song?
I have to be honest, as soon as December hits, I start blasting out all the Christmas hits. If I had to pick one though it would probably be Step into Christmas.

3. When does your Christmas tree go up?
When I lived at home, the earliest it would go up would be the weekend before. In my own house however, it goes up in the first week!

4. Is your tree real or fake?
Fake but it always looks amazing

5. What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?
In all honesty, I don’t think my family have any ‘proper’ traditions. Our day usually goes; breakfast, open presents, play with presents (yes we are all above 20), watch a film whilst dad is cooking (having a breakdown) and then eat. So I suppose that timeline is our tradition!

6. Do you prefer giving or receiving gifts?
Definitely both. I think this is the first year that I have actually been able to afford nice presents for people. In the past my mum has always helped me out so I am looking forward to giving out my own presents this year. However, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t about the presents for me because I love receiving them!

7. When do you do your Christmas shopping?
In the past it has always been very last minute. However, for some reason this year I have been very organised and started in October!

8. Do you like surprise presents?
…. If I am totally honest, not really. I create a list and whilst it’s nice to have a few surprises, I typically like to know what I am getting. I generally don’t like surprises though.

9. Have you ever tried to find your presents?
Every single year since I was about 2. Me and brother used to go looking and considering my mum’s hiding place never really changed, we became pros. Then she started wrapping them the day they came home. Even now, however, Leo has had to wrap everything because he knows I would look haha.

10. Do you consider yourself a good wrapper?
If they are square or rectangular then I’m amazing. Otherwise, no.

I would love for you guys to answer some of these questions too! Feel free to leave a comment below!

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