12 days of Blogmas – Day 5 

When I lived at home with my parents, I used to have to wait until the week of Christmas before putting up the Christmas tree. Now I have my own flat, I’m pretty much ready to put it up mid November. However, with a lot of restraint, I managed to hold off until the beginning of December.

This year as me and leo have just moved in together, we had to start our decoration collection. Of course anyone who decorated their house at Christmas will know that this is not cheap. Therefore, Leo’s mum kindly gave us her old Christmas tree for us to use.

Now I have to be honest, I have always been used to a large green tree  (all be it fake). So to have a little black tree was a bit different for me. However, in our little flat, it looks perfect!

As we were rather limited to how much we could decorate our flat, we decided to turn one area into Christmas heaven. Instead of hiding all our presents, we wrapped them all up and placed them under the tree to add effect. Alongside this, as we had more baubles that could actually fit the tree, we scattered the rest on the mat amongst all the presents. Finally, one thing I really wanted was a disney Christmas sack. However I could not justify the price this year so opted for a more affordable version. We have currently hung it above the tree but it will be coming down to make our Christmas trip.

My favourite part about the tree however has to be my Stitch hanging decoration. One day I’ll be able to afford more Disney decorations but Stitch makes the perfect start to the collection!!!

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