My current makeup favourites

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As of next week, my very own blogmas begins. This means that the discussion of beauty products may be rather minimal. Whilst I will definitely be giving you the low down of my go to christmas makeup, most of blogmas will be lifestyle orientated. Therefore, I thought this was the perfect time to share with you some of my current makeup favourites. Don’t worry my 2017 favourites will still be going live in the new year!

If I am honest, at the moment I absolutely love the drug-store. I really feel that it has upped its game and is constantly releasing amazing products. So that’s just a heads up that the majority of my current beauty favourites are extremely affordable!

The Ordinary foundation

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Not that long ago I wrote a blog post raving about this little gem (see here). Since purchasing this product, I have not touched any other foundation, as it really is amazing! Not only is this foundation beyond amazing but also it is extremely affordable!!

L’Oreal paradise mascara

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I have said plenty of times on here just how much I love L’Oreal mascaras as they never seem to let me down. The Paradise mascara is no exception to that. Since writing my initial post about this mascara, I genuinely think I have fallen even more in love with it. If I don’t wear this product for a couple of days, I am always amazed when I do as it really is outstanding.

KIKO Fall 2.0 highlighter

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My KIKO collection is rather limited and if I am honest I am not too sure why as everything I own from them I absolutely adore. Since purchasing their Fall 2.0 highlighter, I have been in love. For many months my go to highlighter has been the Becca Champagne pop. However, it is now a tough toss up between the two. See full review here.

Estee Edit Flash illuminator

makeup favs 2.jpg

Okay so I know this isn’t from the drug-store but it is the only high-end product in this post! I purchased this product when it first came out and I have to admit I wasn’t all that crazy about it. I very rarely reached for it at all in fact. However, since watching Lydia Millen use her ByTerry equivalent all over her base without any other makeup, I thought I would do the same. This isn’t something that had struck me before as I had always used this with foundation. However, on its own without any other makeup, it is truly amazing. Whenever I don’t have time to do my makeup, I just apply this and I immediately look more awake and replenished. See how I fully apply this product here.

Maybelline Tattoo brow

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Okay so I know this isn’t quite a typical makeup product but it is in the same category. When I originally reviewed this product, I said that it had completely changed my brow game and boy it really has. Once a week, I sit with this on for about half an hour and I’m good to go. For the first few days, I have no desire to even so much as touch up with a brow product! It really is amazing!! See full review here 

So that is it for my current makeup favourites! Although I am using a lot more, these five products are worn religiously every day. Leave a link in the comments of your favourite products and whether or not you have tried mine!

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