3 things I do to get over being ill



As much as we are heading into the season to be jolly, we are also very much in the season of all things illness, especially for me. Without pouring out my life story to you guys, it is safe to say I get very ill very easily as I have a very weak immune system. Last week my reasoning for being rather MIA over here on my blog is because I spent most of it in bed unable to move. However, just like many people come Monday I had to get up and get on with things. After all, just because you’re ill, the world doesn’t stop around you. I know this isn’t a typical subject on my blog but it is something that effects everyone so I thought I would share some of the things I do to ease myself back into routine.

Have a bed day

Now I have to admit it takes a lot for me to actually allow sickness to affect my daily life. Most of the time I can crack on with a little help from paracetamol. However, like everyone, sometimes there reaches a point where I just have to admit defeat and spend some time in bed. When I do this, I really do make sure that I just switch off. I usually have a teapot beside me and just stay in bed and sleep. Depending on how ill I am will depend on how long I stay in bed. If I start to feel better the next day, I try and get up and do little things. Having a shower and moving to the sofa can make me feel so much better.

Make myself look presentable

When I am ill, I really don’t care how I look or even smell. The chances are I haven’t had a shower, brushed my teeth or anything. So when I know I need to get myself together I try and make myself look presentable. Obviously I am not going to be able to make myself look ‘my best’ but presentable I can do. When I say this, I mean when I start to feel better, I wash my hair, I go through the whole shower business, I do my nails, my eyebrows, just everything. This isn’t necessarily a pamper evening; it is just a way to make me feel better about myself.

Overload on soup and veg

I am absolutely terrible with healthy eating and when I first fall ill, if I have an appetite I will immediately reach for the junk food. However, when I am actually trying to get over being ill, I overload on hot soup and vegetables, typically vegetable soup. There is something about a hot bowl of soup that just makes everything feel better when I am ill. Not only is it comforting but obviously the nutrients help out the insides a little bit!

By doing these three things, I am usually able to recover enough that when I need to get back to work, I am able to do so. I may still feel like absolute death but I am able to get out for the hours that I need to before returning to the comfort of my bed.

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