Soap and Glory The Ultimelt – Review



Okay so I’m sorry if you are not a fan of Soap and Glory because I am once again back with a review of one of their products. However, when I do a big haul from one particular brand that gives me a lot of their products to test! Whilst I could of squeezed all of the products into one blog post, I wouldn’t have been able to give a thorough review. One thing I pride myself on with my blog is my in-depth reviews and therefore I am sorry if it has been a Soap and Glory overload for you but this is the last one I promise!

I started this set of Soap and Glory reviews with the product that made the most difference. Therefore, I wanted to end what I may as well call a series with my favourite product from the haul. I never really thought that a cleanser would end up being my favourite out of face masks and moisturisers but here we are.

From the very first moment I used this product I knew I loved it. I have been using hot cloth cleansers for quite a while now from all different price ranges and I have to admit this is my favourite. The product is called The Ultimelt and I think that it what makes it stand out as it really does melt your makeup. For me I can tell whether I like a cleanser based on how it removes my mascara. Most hot cloth cleansers work really well at dissolving makeup, however, even with the likes of Liz Earle, I still have to give a bit of a rub on my eyelashes. This cleanser on the other hand doesn’t require such rigorous scrubbing as it melts it all away. I imagine a mixture of the essential oils and coco seed butter are what contribute to it’s success.

From the moment you start rubbing this into the skin, you can really feel it get to work. Not only does this remove your makeup spectacularly but also it is designed to revitalise and brighten your skin. Now obviously at the end of the day I do not notice this, as my skin is tired and ready for bed. However, I notice how well it illuminates the skin in morning when I wash my face. Whilst I don’t look like Cinderella it really does work at making you look awake.

Having tried hot cloth cleansers from a higher price bracket and a lower, I can honestly say that this is a perfect medium. It is not a luxury product such as the likes of Liz Earle, however, it is a cleanser that is going to get the job done. For a daily basis, I would definitely opt for this product. After all, cleansers run out very quickly and therefore this is a product you can re-purchase that won’t break the bank but will still look after your skin.

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