Losing motivation and getting back on track




We all know what it is like to lose motivation and fall into a rut; it happens to us all. This can be a result of multiple things but it’s getting back on track that is the problem. We all have our own ways to pull ourselves together but sometimes it can take a while to do so. I know for me personally, I may not even know I have fallen into a rut for a while. I can go a good few weeks of getting on with life and suddenly realise that I have been living off of takeaways and not putting in as much effort. Sometimes I may be getting on with everything and uploading blog posts and going to work but I’ve lost motivation. I usually realise this when I haven’t worn makeup for a week and I haven’t scheduled any posts but rather everything has been done last minute. I guess it’s okay to lose motivation and fall off track every once in a while but when I do I like to make sure I fully recharge myself and get myself together. Today I thought I would share a few things I like to do when I find myself in a rut and need to get myself motivated.

Healthy eating

When I lose motivation and get myself into a rut, my worst habit is turning to food. I’m a massive comfort eater and this is always accelerated when I go off track. Not only do I eat badly but I also skip meals and consume a large amount at one time. Therefore, the first thing I always do when I know I need to get back on track is to sort my diet out. Whilst I’m not the best food planner, I like to make sure that I have my meals set. By doing this I immediately start to feel better as I get more energy and therefore no longer feel stodgy.

Make an effort in my appearance  

Whenever I make an effort in my appearance I always feel confident and motivated. We all know the saying ‘when you look good, you feel good’ and it really is true. Whenever I know I have made an effort and look my best I always feel 10x better. So the evening before I know I am going to be getting back on track I have a good old pamper evening. Facemasks, hair washing, the lot. This way when I wake up in the morning I feel amazing and I enhance this by putting on a good outfit and doing my hair and makeup. Whilst I’m not saying that you have to wear makeup to feel good, I know it always boosts my motivation when I feel I look my best.

Plan the week ahead

I am a massive planner, I love writing down everything I need to do. However, life doesn’t always plan out the way we want it to and schedules fall behind. I can live with that as long as by the end of the week I have completed the list of things that I need to get done. By ticking off a list of things, I feel like I have achieved something and in turn remain motivated.

Getting out of the house

Most people would probably put exercise on their list of things to do when they need to get motivated. However, I hate exercise and whilst I like to go for a good run whenever I feel I feel a bit down or a bit stodgy, it’s not something I religiously do to get motivated. Therefore, I am not going to lie to and say it is just because I feel like I should. However, getting out of the house and getting fresh air is something I do like to do. Whenever I am feeling stressed, down or just need to clear my head I like to go for a good walk. If I am lacking in motivation, going for a walk helps me get things together; it’s my alternative to going for a run or going to the gym. Sometimes I go nowhere and sometimes I end up in my local Boots, it all depends on how I am feeling!


We all know on this blog by now that I am book lover. However, whenever I get into a rut, I typically junk watch whatever is on Netflix. Whilst I have no problem with this and am definitely not against television, reading always helps me feel motivated as it gets my brain working. I like to start a new book whenever I do this because the chances are I’ve forgotten what has happened in the book I was previously reading. This way it’s a fresh book for a fresh start!

I’d love to know what your tricks are to get yourself motivated again so please leave a comment below!


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