Soap and Glory’s Beauty Sleep Accelerator – Review



To end what appears to have been a Soap and Glory dedicated week over here on the blog, today I am back with another review! If you happened to catch my Soap and Glory haul post (read here), you will know that I made a very worthwhile purchase of the Beauty Sleep Accelerator mask. After religiously wearing this mask of a night for nearly two weeks, it’s time for a good old-fashioned review.

I mentioned in the haul post just how much I adore night masks. This is mostly due to the fact I love waking in the morning with soft, smooth and hydrated skin. Although not all over night masks actually do anything, it is still a nice product to add into your routine. Obviously however, if we invest in a product, we want it to do something beneficial.

The Beauty Sleep Accelerator retails for £13 and for me that’s a good middle range price point. It is not too low that you’re only buying it for the pure vanity of having it but it is also not too high that you expect miraculous results. For me it’s a price range that suggests that it is just going to do the job it claims to do and nothing more or less. There is no over the top packaging or extensive claims and if I am honest there are times when I really appreciate that in a product.

As I mentioned in the haul post, this night mask can be worn either to bed or before a flight. Its technology is designed to “flood” your skin with moisture, leaving you with dewy and luminous results. Although I haven’t been on any flights recently, I can certainly vouch that this is exactly what it does over night. From the moment I apply this product, I can feel it really sink into my skin and start working. I wake up in the morning and my skin feels super fresh and hydrated. I have to admit, a couple of late nights have resulted in me missing this step and I really can feel it in the morning. Even if I apply my full skincare routine, I can really notice the difference if I don’t apply this mask.

Sometimes over night masks can be frivolous purchases, especially from the drug-store. Regardless of price points, over night masks can quite often be indulgent purchases to make us feel that we are adding that extra step to our skincare routine. However, this little gem has been making skin look brighter and healthier for a few years now. I’m honestly so glad that I have found this product and it will definitely be staying in my routine!

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