Soap and Glory’s The Fab Pore -Review



So earlier on this week, I uploaded my Soap and Glory skincare haul. Now that I have been testing and trying the products for over a week, I thought it was about time to start reviewing them for you. Therefore, today I thought I would review the product that has had the most amount of impact on my skin. From the very first application of The Fab Pore, I noticed immediate differences.

The first noticeable difference when applying this product is how quickly it mattifys the skin. As the lotion is designed for oily/combination skin, this is of no surprise. Now I have said multiple times on this blog how I prefer a glowy look, however despite its mattifying qualities, this product does not stop me from achieving this. With a mix of Detoxyboost and Superfruit YUZU, this product boosts the skins circulation and as a result leaves it looking bright and energised. Therefore, in terms of how this product leaves my skin looking, it ticks all of my boxes. When you apply the lotion, it reduces shine and smoothens out the skin but it does not leave it looking dull and flat.

Now obviously as this product is called The Fab Pore, we need to discuss its pore minimising qualities. Recently, I have really found myself doing everything I can to reduce the appearance of my pores. Whether it’s moisturisers, primers or foundations that claim to do so, I want to find products that work. Now obviously we can’t expect our products to remove our pores because I’m pretty sure that’s impossible. However, it’s all about creating the illusion that they are smaller than they are.

With the use of Poreshrink-12 (I think S&G are just making up names now), this moisturiser does a pretty good job at leaving your skin looking clear and flawless with minimal pores. Poreshrink-12 is essentially a mix of salicylic acid and vitamins. Salicylic acid is well known in the beauty world for dissolving debris on the skin that clogs up pores. Although that sounds pretty gross, clogged pores are what maximise their appearance so to reduce them you need to make sure they are clear. With a mixture of the Poreshrink-12 and its mattifying abilities that smooth out the skin, The Fab Pore really does work.

I personally only apply the product in my T-zone as this is the area were I want to minimise the appearance of my pores. Although this is a mattifying product, it still works wonders as a moisturiser and leaves my skin feeling super soft and hydrated. It’s a brilliant 2-in-1 product if you are looking at reducing the appearance of your pores.

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