Soap and Glory skincare haul

As a beauty blogger, I am constantly on the hunt for new skincare in order to keep my skin as fresh, vibrant and young as possible. Although sometimes my skincare routine isn’t quite so consistent, lets say, I am still always on the hunt for new products. I have to admit that for the past month, I have been feeling pretty dam exhausted. Therefore, my skincare routine has been virtually non-existent, other than just about managing to take my makeup off. As you can imagine, exhaustion, bad eating and a lack of skincare has had pretty detrimental effects on my face. It was for this reason, that on one of my very regular trips to Boots, I purchased a large amount of the Soap and Glory skincare range. As we all love a good haul over here on this blog, I thought I may as well share this with you!

If any of you follow this blog or any of my social media, you will know that I have been absolutely loving Soap and Glory’s new face mask range. Their sheet and eyes masks have been a must in my collection since they launched. Naturally of course, I had to make a re-purchase. As my skin has been feeling extremely dull and dry, I decided to purchase the radiance boosting mask and the moisturising mask. I also picked up their under-eye brightening mask as the puffiness has been real lately.

s&g 4

Moving on to products that I have not tried before, I grabbed a moisturiser, a cleanser and a night balm. I think the only thing I didn’t grab was an eye cream so I will be heading back to Boots soon.

The Ultimelt


The Ultimelt is the one Soap and Glory product that I have heard so much about but have never had interest in trying. Considering I absolutely love hot cloth cleansers, I am honestly not too sure why. Regardless, when it was staring at me with a 3 for 2 offer, I obviously made a purchase. The blogging world seem to really love this product and from the couple of times I have used it, I can understand why.

The Fab pore


A moisturiser and a pore minimiser in one; I am all over it. I have never heard or seen anything about this product but the idea of it really appealed to me in the shop. As my skin was feeling extremely dry, I needed a moisturiser that was going to work. The idea of it being a smoothing lotion was what drew me into buy it. My skin isn’t naturally dry and when I say it was dry I just mean it felt tight more than anything. Therefore, a smoothing lotion was the perfect thing I was looking for, as I needed something to loosen my skin up and make it feel soft and ‘smooth again’. I have been using this product now for two days, morning and night, and so far I am impressed. Expect a full review soon!

The beauty sleep accelerator


One skincare product that I absolutely love is over night masks. I love nothing more than waking up in the morning with a fresh and smooth face. The rest of me may look and feel like absolute crap but at least my face feels (not so much looks) okay. It is for this reason that I decided to purchase The Sleep Accelerator. What attracted me to this product was the fact that not only is it designed to be worn of a night but also during a flight. Anyone who has been on a flight knows just how much it can dry out your skin, especially long haul flights. Therefore, this suggested to me that this product is super hydrating, which is exactly what I needed. Apply a small amount onto clean skin and you’re good to go. Again, so far I am really enjoying this product as my skin feels super soft and moisturised in the morning.

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