5 things I love about autumn


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Last weekend the clocks went back and to me that officially marks the start of the colder seasons. Although according to our calendars it has been autumn for a little while now, the clocks going back really do make it official. Therefore, I thought it was about time I shared with you my absolute favourite things about autumn. After all it is my favourite season!

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The celebrations
Although we all enjoy a good summers holiday, all the best seasonal celebrations happen in autumn. Halloween, fireworks and the run up to Christmas just make autumn so exciting. When each celebration finishes, you start preparing for the next. Not to mention that whilst you yourself are preparing for these celebrations, so are all the shops, towns and restaurants. All of sudden come autumn, Christmas lights start to go up and everything becomes super magical and who can’t love that!

Cosy nights in
I have to be honest and I may sound like an old woman but I enjoy nothing more than coming home when it’s dark outside and snuggling up. As the nights draw in earlier, this just makes it all that more cosy. In autumn, it is more acceptable to wind down earlier and snuggle up with a hot chocolate and a film. Light some candles, get out the blankets and get ready to snuggle!

Autumn walks
I absolutely love going for long walks, especially in autumn. The golden leaves on the ground and the crisp air just make me feel so relaxed and peaceful. Throwing on a coat and scarf, grabbing a hot drink and heading out for late afternoon of evening stroll is absolute favourite thing to do in autumn. It is also a good opportunity to collect leaves, conkers and pinecones to decorate the house with ready for the Christmas season.


The food!
I’ve never hidden on this blog my love for food (mostly junk) and come autumn I go a bit crazy. Sadly this year, I have a big event that I need to lose some weight for so I am trying to be somewhat good (this will fail). Regardless, autumn food is my absolute favourite. Cinnamon flavoured everything is pretty much my diet when autumn hits. Alongside this, brands and supermarkets release what I would call substantial food rather than their latest super food salad. I’m not even talking about sweet treats but just good comfort food that people like to snuggle up with during autumn. A good homemade Sheppards pie or lasagna will do me!

The clothes
I absolutely hate summer in terms of clothing! I’m not quite confident enough to be rocking around in anything revealing. Finding clothes in summer that aren’t strappy or cropped is pretty much impossible. Therefore, come autumn when I can cover head to toe in knitwear it’s my absolute favourite. I would like to point out that this is necessarily because I am a prude; I just genuinely prefer to be covered up, especially on my arms. Therefore, jumpers are my absolute go to. I also find that autumn clothing can be fashionable but still extremely comfortable.

I’d love to know what you’re favourite things about autumn are so please leave a comment!

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