My three favourite autumn and winter scents


I genuinely believe that there are two types of women in this world; those who are loyal to one scent and one scent only and those who have different scents for every different occasion and every different season. I fall into the latter category so today I thought I would share three of my absolute favourite autumn and winter scents.


For a day-to-day basis when I am out and about, my go to perfume for this time of year is ‘Olympea’ by Paco Rabanne. What I love about this product is although it is definitely a floral based scent, the use of ginger lily, vanilla and cashmere wood gives this fragrance the perfect autumn kick. This perfume definitely lives up to its name and its definition of a ‘modern day Cleopatra’.


When I am in the need for something a little more sophisticated, usually formal meetings and interviews, my go to is Marc Jacobs ‘Decadence’. There is something about this perfume that makes me feel super mature and sophisticated from the moment I put it on. This scent is very much focused around the woods and nature with notes such as Italian plum, papyrus woods and saffron. This is definitely a luxurious scent, which is deep, rich and sexy.


When it comes to my going out scent (we all have one), I have been loyal to the same perfume for about 5 years. ‘Elle’ by YSl has been my go to for as long as I can remember. It is the only perfume that after a year or so I haven’t grown out of. It is definitely a sweeter base with notes of citron wood, purple freesia and jasmine. However, underneath the sweet notes, this perfume has a little kick to it, making it perfect for an autumn evening out!

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