The most talked about foundation of the year! The Ordinary Coverage foundation – Review



Most hyped about products that sell out and have a waiting list, cost more than a weekly food shop. However, this year one very affordable brand has managed to break this tradition with a foundation that costs just £5. When Deciem released ‘The Ordinary’ little over a year ago, the brand went viral. Originally just sticking with skin-care, the brand created new expectations within the beauty industry. However, no one could ever of expected the popularity and waiting list for their newly launched foundation. I say newly launched but the product was released a few months ago now but it is virtually impossible to get your hands on. Therefore, quite naturally when I finally did get my hands on the product, despite price tag, I definitely had a lot of expectations.

As this product is either very limited or not sold in stores, you can only really purchase this online. Therefore, despite the price tag, I still ended up spending £15 to make sure I got the right shade. However, that is just me and is completely unnecessary to the regular consumer.

When my long overdue parcel arrived, I was very excited and jumped straight into colour matching. The shades I purchased were all very similar with only minute differences so they are all wearable for my skin tone. Although the colour range wouldn’t meet the Fenty beauty standards, I definitely feel there is a lot of choice in comparison to other affordable brands.

Now the foundation claims to be full coverage and boy it is. Although I wouldn’t say that with one application it is full-full coverage, it is definitely medium with the ability to build it up. Just one layer however and all my blemishes were covered so I was more than happy! What I love about this foundation however, is how light-weight it feels on the skin. My big issue with full coverage foundations is how heavy and clumpy they feel on the skin but this is not the case with this one! This foundation gives you the coverage you want, whilst still feeling and looking light on the skin.


In case you are wondering, the foundation leaves you with a dewy complexion whilst not appearing greasy. With all the matte foundation releases at the moment I was so happy that this was a nice dewy foundation. However, if you have oily skin, I wouldn’t rule this out as it really just sit nicely on the skin. Whilst testing this product, I didn’t find myself having to use blotting paper or topping up powder, not even on the days where I was running around. So even though it isn’t a matte foundation, it is not going to increase the appearance of oil on your skin.

Although this is definitely a difficult product to get your hands on at the moment, I would seriously recommend joining a wait list! For just £5.90, it is truly one of the best foundations I have ever tried, topping some of my most loved from the high-end. Massive congratulations to Deciem for creating a cruelty-free, affordable brand that actually works! You’re really showing the rest of the world world how it should be done.

11 thoughts on “The most talked about foundation of the year! The Ordinary Coverage foundation – Review

  1. I was so close to buying this last week when I made my skincare order but I decided against it as I wanted to finish my L’Oréal foundation first and I have very fair skin so it’s hard to get products to match

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