To splurge or not to splurge – Charlotte Tilbury’s clay mask



We know that I love a good face mask and therefore using high-end masks definitely makes the whole experience feel more luxurious. So a few weeks back when my mum gifted me with Charlotte Tilbury’s clay mask, I was super excited, especially as I had heard such great reviews about it. The first time my mum tried it she got straight on the phone and told me how amazing it was and that I had to give it a go, hence why she bought it for me. There are very few occasions that my mum gets excited about a product that isn’t from Chanel, so I knew it had to be pretty dam good. All that being said however, do I think that it is worth the money? My answer; I think this product really does depend on the age and condition of your skin.

Not only is this product super luxurious but it also does everything it claims to do. It lifts, smoothes, brightens and tightens your pores in order to achieve ‘baby skin’. Right there however, is your catch. The style of Charlotte Tilbury makeup, is certainly aimed at the 20-30 year old consumer. However, her skin care definitely reaches out and cares for the more mature woman and I don’t think this face mask is an exception. Whilst I absolutely love this face mask as it really does relax me and it leaves my skin feeling super moisturised, I don’t feel like I benefit from all its other amazing qualities.


When my mum told about this product she was saying how not only did her skin feel better but she visibly noticed a difference. I however, only really felt the difference in my skin. This is not to say however that there are not long-term benefits because my skin really does feel significantly more moisturised and hydrated after just three uses.

What I would say is if you are a big older and are looking for something with real visible benefits then 100% spend your money on this. If are a bit younger and you are looking for something just to reboot your skin then I would consider looking around the drugstore for something more affordable. Soap and Glory’s new face mask range definitely does the job along with the L’Oreal’s clay masks. However, they are not Charlotte Tilbury and you know it. Therefore, if you are looking for something that you can really relax in whilst feeling completely spoiled (after all isn’t that what face masks are really for?) then I would 100% splurge.

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