What’s in my autumn/winter handbag


IMG_9920 edit.jpgWe all love a good handbag don’t we? For me a handbag is an essential that pretty much holds my entire life. Recently however, I have been getting pretty fed up of carrying what feels like a suitcase on my arm. This is mostly because despite my love of over sized bags, all they actually provide me with is a means of carry around more than I need and giving my boyfriend his own personal shopping carrier. Therefore, this season I decided to find a smaller handbag that would allow me to only carry around the essentials. With a little help from Boutique of Molly, I have been able to do just that! My absolute favourite part of getting a new handbag is filling it with my belongings. Usually that involves clearing out all the rubbish from the old handbag (receipts, chocolate wrappers etc) and transferring everything else. This time however, I decided to be more critical of what I was putting in my bag and only gave the absolute essentials a new home.



Despite appearing quite small from the outside, Boutique of Molly’s ‘Salzburg’ bag is actually the perfect size. When you open up the bag it has 7 compartments; 3 large, 2 medium and 2 small. This way you able to put your bigger items such as your purse in the larger and your smaller products such as lipstick in the more petite sections. Although the handbag provides you with much space, it doesn’t allow you to overfill. So as my daily handbag is now only equipped with my autumn/winter must haves and daily essentials, I thought it would be a good idea to share them with you!

My purse
Obviously, the whole idea of a handbag, is to give your purse a home. It’s a big bag for a small bag. At first I was worried that ‘Salzburg’ wouldn’t actually have room for my purse but to my surprise there was more than enough space!

An umbrella
As much as the movies try and display it as romantic and sexual, I couldn’t think of anything worse than getting caught in the rain unprepared. After living in Cornwall for three years and suffering some of the wettest winters of my life, I always make it an essential to carry around an umbrella in my handbag during autumn and winter.

Lip balm
Ever since I can remember, as soon as autumn kicks in, my lips turn into painful blisters. I am not exaggerating here, there are some seriously ugly photo’s of me when I was younger with blisters the whole way down to my chin. Although I don’t get it as badly now, it can still get rather painful if I don’t regularly use lip balm so I make it an essential in my handbag, especially this time of year.

I mean, would I even class as an adult female if I didn’t carry around some form of medicine? There is honestly nothing worse than coming down with a massive headache in the middle of the day and having no pain relief at hand. Therefore, I make it a must to carry paracetamol just to be prepared.

A range of lipsticks
I have made it pretty clear on my blog that I am a big lipstick junky and therefore my handbag has always made home for them. Now through spring and summer there is usually just a couple of nudes laying around (I mean that in the cleanest sense), whereas come autumn and winter, the berries need a home too. My new season handbag currently is home to one nude and one berry but I expect that to grow very quickly!

I personally find it pretty handy to carry around perfume in my handbag on a regular basis. Although I absolutely hate it when women stink out small compact places such as trains and buses, it is always handy to have on hand! In the colder seasons my go to is Paco Rabanne ‘Olympea’.

IMG_9903 edit.jpg

So there we have it! My autumn/ winter handbag essentials! I am hoping that due to the size decrease of my handbag will help me keep it clean and organised but I’m not too convinced!!

Go and check out the Boutique of Molly website and use my code “HANNAHPOON20” to make a purchase!!! 

*This post is in collaboration with Boutique of Molly*

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