The brow product that has completely changed the game



If any of you have been attentively following my blog for a long time, you will know just how much I hate my eyebrows. This is for two reasons; firstly because of my genes and how they naturally grow and secondly because they never quite recovered from the torture I put them through when I was 13. Therefore I have always been self conscious of them and I pretty much never leave the house without fully filling them in. That was until now. I always thought that if there was a product that was going to change the way I felt about my natural brows then it is was going to cost me an arm and a leg. How wrong I was. This month when Maybelline released their tattoo brow tint, I knew I had to give it a go as the blogging community was going crazy about it. I had zero expectations of this product and thought it would be a complete dud but it has completely changed my entire brow routine.

(AFTER APPLICATION)brows4.jpgThe tint costs around £12 and lasts for a minimum of three days, which I really do think is fantastic. However, most bloggers really seem to be hyping the 20 minute aspect of the product but to get tint to last for a minimum of three days, then the initial application needs to be for two hours. This way, even after washing your face twice a day, the tint will remain in tact! After this, simply apply the product for 20 minutes and peel it off and you really will have outstanding results for days. I am now on my third application, for which the second lasted five days. I know in reality that doesn’t seem like a lot of time, especially if you have a busy life but it really is a product you can fit into your routine. For the initial application you obviously are going to need two hours so for that you will need time. After this however, it can be applied before your makeup and just be peeled off afterwards or in the evening whilst you are unwinding.

For the first two days of the tint, I had no desire to apply any other form of brow product. The tint really does give you a strong brow game whilst still remaining completely natural. I will admit, that past the third day if I don’t have time to top up, I will apply a brow pomade as the tint does go ever so slightly orange. However, where my brows usually take 10 minutes to fill in, with this tint I can do it in 2. So it really has changed the way I do my brows!

For just £12 from a drugstore brand, I really do think that this is a high quality product. If I were to get my tint done professionally, I would still have to fill in my brows after a couple of days so this really is no different! I would also like to point out that applying this product is super easy as well. For someone who has never self tinted her brows, I was dreading the first application but it really is easy. If you do make a mistake you can simply rub it off without it leaving any stain. 10/10 for this product in my opinion!!

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