Knowing when to save and when to splurge on your beauty products


There are so many blog posts and columns in magazines that explain to you when to save and when to splurge on your fashion items but what about your makeup products? There is so much competition now between the drug-store and the high-end brands that it can be quite overwhelming if you’re not too sure where to spend your money. If you like to spend you money across a variety of price ranges, then this can be even more confusing. So today I thought I put my own personal list together, which will outline where I like to save and splurge my money! Now I would like to point out that you can pick up some excellent quality products from both the drug-store and the high-end and therefore this advice is not set in concrete but rather just my personal opinion!


First things first when it comes to splurging money on makeup is to actually know what you like to wear. For example, there wouldn’t be much benefit of buying the latest eye shadow launch, if you don’t actually wear eye shadow. I know that sounds relatively straightforward but it is unbelievably easy to get sucked into launches, especially when it is from a popular brand. Trust me.

The first product that I personally love to splurge on is foundation. I find high-end brands more reliable for foundation in terms of; coverage, colour and lasting power. My first advice with this however is to always get colour matched at a counter and try and get the advisor to fully apply the foundation so that you can see what it looks like on your face. It can be quite intimidating but trust me, it is so much better to ask at the counter for a tester or for them to apply the product so that you don’t make a disappointing purchase. Most high-end brands are aware of their price and therefore they will usually provide you some way of testing the product before making a purchase.

The next product that I typically like to splurge on is bronzers. Although there definitely are some great ones in the drug-store, I typically find most of them to be either too orange or too muddy. Bronzers are a really important part of my makeup routine as they bring definition to my face and therefore I want high quality products. I usually find that high-end brands provide that bronze look that I am after rather than leaving an orange mark.

Finally, I will also spend my money on eye-shadow palettes as who doesn’t love the latest Naked launch. As I typically stick to palettes rather than singular pods, I honestly just believe that high-end brands do them better. Although there have definitely been some misses in the past, most high-end brands who are known for their shadows provide high quality products that are pigmented, have a lack of fall out and last all day. As well as this, most palettes from high-end brands will provide a range of colours so that you can actually get use out of the product.



The product that I always know I can find excellent versions of in the drug-store is concealer. Although I often get sucked in to buying the concealer version of a high-end foundation, I always know that my go to, trusted concealers are from the drugstore. There are so many options from the drug-store so you are guaranteed to find one that suits you!

The next product is blusher. Although high-end blushers are so tempting, I think it is important to remember that this is packaging and pretty patterns. I really do believe that you can find high quality blushers in the drug-store, if you just look for them. Most of the time, they won’t be in irresistible packaging but that doesn’t mean that the product isn’t any good. Some of my absolute favourite blushers cost less than £5 and come in plain plastic packaging but they truly are amazing. Yes it is nice to have pretty products but if you are looking to save some cash then head to the drug-store!

Finally, I really do believe that the one product the drug-store actually do much better than high-end brands is mascara. I have tried my fair share of high-end mascaras but none have ever really compared to the ones I can get from the drug-store. I am not even sure why but I honestly do believe that this is just the one product the drug-store holds over any luxurious brand. My personal favourites come from L’Oreal, Maybelline, Rimmel; you name it! This is 100% an area where you can save, save, save!


The best of both

There are two types of products that I personally just can’t help buying, no matter if it’s from the drug-store or high-end brands. The first type of product is highlighter because well you can never have too many highlighters. Even though highlighters have been the craze for the past year and a half, they are still on the rise. Just when I thought the high-end did this product best, the drug-store started releasing some absolute hits. The beauty world still loves highlighter and therefore you can find some absolute gems from both ends of the spectrum.

We all know my obsession with lip products and therefore it is of no surprise that I can’t put this into a category of save or splurge. If you have the money then I really would try different price points when it comes to lip products, as there really are so many out there!

So that’s the end of this post and I really hope it has helped anyone who is trying to figure out where to spend your money. As I said in the intro, this post is completely my own opinion and you can find great products no matter the price if you just know where to look!

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