Chanel’s Rouge Allure Ink liquid lipsticks – Review/ first impressions



As being a beauty blogger requires me to test and try a high quantity of makeup, I usually know within the first day of using a product, whether I like it or not. Regardless of my initial instinct, I usually like to test products for at least a week before I jump on my laptop and write a review just so I know I am being thorough. However, I fell so hard in love with Chanel’s new ink liquid lipsticks that I just had to sit down and write this review; or rather first impressions.

A couple of days ago my mum and dad made a visit to Bath and of course we made a pit stop at the Chanel counter. Initially, I headed straight towards their perfume stand to smell their new fragrance ‘Gabrielle’. However, pretty quickly both my mum’s eyes and mine were drawn to their fall lipsticks. After ten minutes of oohing and ahhing and an entire arm of swatches, my mum kindly bought us both a new lipstick. Thank you mum!

On this stop off, I walked out of the Chanel counter with ‘Expérimenté’ from the new Rouge Allure Ink range. It didn’t take long of course before I headed to a bathroom and applied it. For a berry red, I thought the application was outstandingly easy. The doe-foot applicator is nice and petite so that you can gain control over the product and avoid any mess.

I have to admit, I had seen a review that had suggested that the lighter shades of this range were slightly opaque. However, ‘Expérimenté’ certainly is not! I personally, did not see this with my swatches in the store either, however, I can only truly vouch for the shade I have worn on my lips. The pigmentation of this shade is brilliant and it definitely only needs one layer!

When you first apply this product, it is super creamy but not watery like you usually find with liquid lipsticks. However, it does dry down to a soft matte, which is super comfortable. I always moan about the lack of comfort of matte products on the lips but when you pay for Chanel this is not an issue!


Finally, lets talk about how long it wears for! What really made this product stand out for me was just how long it lasted. When I usually wear red lipsticks, the mess is unbelievable as soon as I put anything in my mouth. Girls we all know what it is like! Put on some red lippy, you feel on top of the world and then a bite into your lunch and you’re a wreck and having to run to the bathroom. As much as I hate to admit it, some of my favourite lipsticks still have this problem. It’s a sacrifice we have to make in order to wear red lipstick. However, this was not the case with this product! I kid you not, I had my route to the bathroom at the ready but there was no mess! I’m not saying that the colour didn’t fade because obviously it did after I’d just scoffed down a burger. However, it hadn’t smudged around my mouth, all I needed was a little top up! I have now worn this product twice and on both occasions, it lasted all day long and didn’t bleed! For a girl who loves her berry reds this is beyond amazing!!

Now obviously this is Chanel and therefore it is not cheap and I know I am extremely fortunate that my mum purchased this for me. However, if you are in the market for a new liquid lipstick and you have the money to splurge, then I would 100% recommend this product! Not only will it perform the way you will want it to but as with any Chanel product, it will make you feel super luxurious!

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