Autumn Primark haul



I really can’t remember the last time I did a fashion haul over here on my blog so today I thought I would share some of my recent pick ups! I have to be honest, I haven’t really ever shopped from Primark for my clothes but over the past year I have seen a dramatic improvement in their quality. Therefore, due to being on a rather tight budget at the moment, I have been going in there quite a bit and have picked up some pretty good options for autumn!

primark6.jpg I absolutely love woollen scarves and if I could wear them all year round I would. Therefore, it is pretty important for me to have a few to alternate between! I absolutely adore this white and black scarf as it can be worn with most outfits! I think this retails for around £8 and it will be getting a lot of love this season! primark4.jpgWe all know by now that I am a BIG fan of cosy woollen jumpers, especially white fluffy ones. From the moment I saw this bad boy I was all over it! It is super soft, which is my biggest requirement and even after washing it has maintained it’s texture! I believe this retails at around the £10 mark and Primark have a huge variety of jumpers at this price at the moment so get in there!

primark3One thing that I don’t really share on my blog is my love for Disney but for a 21 year old, it’s definitely a bit extreme! Anyway, Primark have been selling Disney products for quite a while now and their selection is amazing! As soon as I stumbled across these Aristocat slippers for £2, I knew I had to have them!!

primark5One thing that has really impressed me about Primark during the past year is their home ware collection. For a brand that originally started with a teenage focused consumer, I really do feel that they have come a long way and their home ware shows that. I picked up this blanket for around £10 and it has been nightly used since purchasing. It is super soft, cosy and it doesn’t fray! If you’re on a budget and need some cosy home ware for autumn then I really would check out Primark!

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