We all know how much of a lipstick junky I am, so when I saw the KIKO fall 2.0 release I immediately made a purchase. As we are now heading into the autumnal seasons, I decided to pick up ‘Modern Mauve’ as it is a deep nude that is on the pinker side of a berry red rather than the purple. The collection has six shades ranging from a girly pink to a grey so it has the possibility of a shade for everyone.

When I first swatched ‘Modern Mauve’, it appeared to be a deep nude and whilst this is the case, when applied to the lips it definitely became a lot darker. I personally thought that it transformed into more of a berry than mauve. I personally did not find this an issue as it made it the perfect berry for an everyday look.

Following this, the formulation of the product is truly wonderful. Once applied the lipstick dries down to a matte formula but it is still creamy and comfortable. I have said a number of times on my blog how I often find matte lipsticks uncomfortable but this was not the case with this product. Now I can’t vouch for all of the other shades but theory says this is should still apply! If you like the appearance of matte lipsticks but you find them uncomfortable then I would definitely check these out!

Now I know a lot of people have an issue with smells of products, so if you don’t like strong scents when applying then I would maybe avoid this! The lipstick has an almost mint like smell to it, which I know a lot of people can find off putting. I personally really like it and once it has been applied! Also the smell does not linger and disappears quite quickly!

I have to admit when I first applied this product, I found it quite messy. As the lipstick has a flat shape to it rather than a curve, which you usually find in more high end products, it takes a bit of time! Now obviously this is more so the case with the darker shades, which no matter what the shape, you usually have to spend more time on anyway! This wouldn’t necessarily put me off but rather it is just not a product I would be topping up in the car!

Finally, I want to talk about the packaging because it truly is stunning! Now I said in my last KIKO blog post, that their pricing is really diverse. You can pick up a lot of their lipsticks for around £3 and the packaging is pretty bog standard. The fall lipsticks retail for £9.90 and this really is reflected in the packaging. Again, this product comes in a rich shimmery blue package with a magnetic shutter. I have to be honest, you can only really find lipsticks that magnetically shut together in high end brands. So for KIKO to have done this and still only be charging less then £10, I think is amazing!

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