The best of the berry reds



It is officially berry red season, which means we are all digging through our makeup collections for our favourites. For most us a favourite berry red is automatically a lipstick. Whilst I absolutely adore my bold lips, I also have a few berry red favourites in other departments. Makeup is something you can play with, especially in the next few months so today I thought it would share my favourite berry reds across the main categories!

Lips – Nars ‘Scarlet Empress’

I mean, it would just be silly to start this blog post with anything other than my favourite berry lipstick! I genuinely think I have been mentioning and raving about this lipstick since I first started blogging. For the past three winters, ‘Scarlet Empress’ has been my go to and I don’t imagine that changing this year. It’s formulation is perfect for me as is the shade. I can’t imagine anything taking lead over this!!

Blusher – Chanel Joues Contraste ‘Fantasia’

Blusher for me is the one product that can really change the entire finish of a look. If you are more of a neutral person and you don’t feel comfortable rocking a berry lip or eye, then I find blusher is the perfect option. You can find really gorgeous berry blushers that are still extremely subtle on the skin. Chanel’s ‘Fantasia’ for me is the perfect option as it is the true representation of all things winter but it is still very elegant on the face. I look at this blusher and immediately think of Christmas!

Eye shadow – Naked Heat

I very rarely opt for berry red eye shadow as it is a little too bold for me. However, I am a massive fan at the moment of burnt reds and oranges. Not quite berry tones but very close. Since getting my hands on the Naked Heat palette, I have non-stop been wearing a burnt orange eye. I personally think that this type of look is perfect for winter! If you are really confident and creative with your makeup then I really do think this is a palette worth investing in!

Nail varnish – KIKO ‘Smart’

Nail varnish for me is something I am very lazy with and half of the time I just go and get my nails done. However, the KIKO fast drying nail varnishes are perfect for me as they really do live up to their name. I think KIKO varnishes retail for around £3 and they really are some of the best on the market in my opinion. Just as with my makeup, in summer I like to keep my nails fairly neutral and in then in winter, I opt for berry reds. ‘Smart’ is more of a light berry red rather than a deep and for someone with naturally short nails this is what I want. I don’t necessarily like drawing too much attention to my natural nails but I still like to have some colour on them and therefore ‘Smart’ gives me the best of both worlds.

So these are my top berry reds in the some of the major categories, please leave comments bellows of all your favourites, as I would love to hear them!!

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