KIKO Fall 2.0 highlighter – Review



If you follow me on twitter, you will know that a few days ago, I picked up a couple of bits from the KIKO fall 2.0 collection. One of those products was a highlighter. The collection has two highlighters, ‘gold in progress’ and ‘steps to modern’. Both are absolutely gorgeous, however for the moment, I have only purchased ‘gold in progress’.

When I was in the store and I swatched this product, I knew I needed it. I kid you not, I think it is one of the best swatches I have ever done. It was creamy, pigmented and a blinding highlight. Obviously, that set some high standards and boy I was not let down. Sometimes I find that just because a swatch is amazing, it doesn’t automatically result in the product having the same effect on the face. However, this highlighter most certainly does.

The fall 2.0 collection comes in shimmery blue packaging. I have to admit, I find the packaging for the highlighter extremely small, especially as it is a product that people really like to get their brush into. However, it does make it perfect to just throw in your bag and it is super adorable. So there are definitely pros and cons to this element.

When I first used this product with a brush, I did initially think that it was extremely powdery in the pan. However, comparing it to a number of my other highlighters, I have come to conclusion that this is simply down to the size of the packaging. Not that you necessarily need to but if you like to swirl your product around in the pan, it will definitely be a bit messy.

Regardless, when applied to face this is a stunning highlighter. You can create a really subtle glow with just one layer or you can go full out and build it up. What I love about this is even when it is built up, it is not chalky or heavy but rather it leaves a gorgeous highlight that is really enhanced by the light. I know that sounds a bit strange because most highlighters are enhanced by light, however there is definitely something about this one that is more elegant and glowy if you like.


Onto the price because I certainly feel that it is something that needs to be addressed. Unlike any other makeup brands, KIKO’s affordability and pricing has always been quite diverse. For example, you can pick some products up for less than £5 and others for nearly £25. I don’t think any of their products really go over the £25 mark but you can see my gist. The Fall 2.0 collection is a little more secure in it’s pricing. It ranges from around £8 to £20, so it is definitely a mid range collection, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering the quality of the products. The highlighter is priced at £13.90, which I know for a lot of people that is pushing it in terms of affordability. However, I truly believe that it is worth it as a product due to the quality and standard. I honestly believe that the product performs similarly if not better to some high-end highlighters. Therefore, I do I believe that the price is justified and worth your money!

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