5 essentials for an autumnal evening




Autumn is rapidly approaching and for those of us who prefer the colder seasons, this involves quite a bit of preparation. If I am honest and I think most people can relate here, as soon as autumn hits, I much prefer being at home snuggled up rather than going out. This doesn’t mean however that I just want to sit at home all evening being bored and uncomfortable. No, no, no; there are five simple things that I consider a must in order to make a regular evening at home a cosy autumnal one.

Cosy clothing

This for me is the most important element of any autumnal evening. Dressing gowns, slippers and soft pyjamas are a must! From the moment I walk in I pretty much jump straight into my pyjamas. If I am honest, I do this all year round and I have no idea what this ‘dressing gown season’ is that I keep hearing so much about. However, in the colder seasons there is no hanging around and those daytime clothes come straight off!!

I really do think that the power of a blanket is extremely underestimated! They’re perfect to sit on if the sofa is cold, they are perfect to wrap around any cold areas and they are pretty dam cosy to snuggle up to. I know it sounds strange but I like to have at least one window cracked open a little bit no matter what the weather just so I can get some air into the room. Therefore, blankets make it perfect to keep warm!


I really do believe that candles can change the entire atmosphere of any home. When it starts to get dark and you have candles lit, there is just no better feeling. In summer I only really use candles when I need a bit of ‘me’ time in the bath. However, in autumn I have them lit all around the house. Vanilla, cinnamon and oak based scents are my go to for an autumnal evening. They just make everything feel so much warmer and cosier.

A good book or TV series

As the nights are beginning to get darker earlier, it is so much easier to switch off. By half 6/7 when I usually would still be quite awake in the summer months, I am now ready to switch the TV on or pick up a book. On such evenings I think it’s really important to have a cheesy, easy to watch TV series or a really good book to escape into. Personally I like to have both and switch between the two. I know it could just be me, but if I don’t have at least one of these two, then I find it really hard to relax.

Massive cups of tea

I am British and I think ever since I could open my mouth, I have been drinking tea. My entire family are big tea drinkers and as the years have gone by, our cup sizes have increased. A ‘normal’ size cup is no longer adequate, especially in autumn. When I am snuggled up on the sofa, whilst I want an endless supply of tea, if I’m alone I don’t want to consistently be getting up to make it. Therefore, I want a cup that is going to hold at least a full kettle worth of water. If I am honest, my go to cups are always from the Disney store as not only are they a good enough size but they are also adorable as anything.

8 thoughts on “5 essentials for an autumnal evening

  1. I agree with all of these! Also I’m the exact same, I never understand how people will come home and stay in their clothes. I come through the door and within five minutes I’m in pyjamas, haha

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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  2. Im currently reading this post wearing a huge snuggly jumper and a candle is lit and I have all the autumnal feels right now! This is a great post so well done 🙂 You’ve officially made me super excited for the change of season xx

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