Top Lip product picks



Here we are with the very last ‘top picks’ post! For the past 7 weeks I have been uploading my top picks for each makeup category. For the final post of the series, I wanted to talk about one of my favourite makeup categories and that is lip products. Now I have had to split this category into two as I am a bit of a lipoholic. Last week I uploaded my ‘top lipstick picks and today I continuing with my top lip products that lie in the lip-gloss family. I have to admit I am not a big fan of the traditional lip gloss, however, we now live in world where liquid lipsticks, lip paints and soft creams exist. As you can probably guess these are the three categories that I am going to be talking about today. I really hope you have enjoyed the top picks series and I will be linking every post below if you have missed any!!

Liquid lipsticks – Lancôme Matte Shaker in ‘Beige Vintage’



 The original juicy shakers were very popular amongst the beauty community. Despite really wanting one, I could never justify spending that much money on essentially a sheer lip product. Therefore, when they released their matte liquid lipstick version, I jumped straight on it and I have not regretted it. My Matte Shaker is that one product that is always in my handbag; I cannot go anywhere without it. It has great pigmentation, it is super comfy and lasts a long time. What I love most about this product is whilst it does dry down to a matte formula, it doesn’t suck the life out of your lips. Once it has dried, it is still creamy and comfortable, which for me is really important.

Lip paints – BarryM Matte me up in ‘runway’



When I am heading on night out with the girls, I typically opt for a lip paint purely for their staying power. Lip paints work very similarly to lip stains but when it comes to removing them with a cleanser they don’t particularly leave behind residue. When I am removing my makeup, I just want it all off and this is why I opt for lip paints over stains. When BarryM released their ‘matte me up’ paints earlier this year, I immediately fell in love. They are true mattes and do not budget without makeup remover. However, I don’t find them uncomfortable like I first thought I would. When you first apply the product, it is an extremely watery formula and I think this contributes to making them comfortable when they dry down. I will admit that after a few hours, a few lines will begin to enhance. However, after a little touch up, you’re good to go. For an extremely affordable product, this is one of the best lip paints I have tried.

Lip creams – Collection Velvet Kiss in ‘Caramel 2’ / ‘Coffee’



I know for this category most people will be expecting me to say the NYX lip creams, however Collection in my opinion is the better of the two. I don’t know whether it is the colour range that I own, but I personally find myself reaching for my Collection lip creams far more than my NYX. The Collection lip creams are comfortable, creamy, pigmented, long wearing and super affordable. What more could you ask for? Yes the colour range is a bit limited but what they do have is amazing. I have said a couple of times how Collection are completely changing their target audience and becoming more of trendy brand. I personally feel that with the release of their Velvet Kiss lip creams, they had a complete turning point and I am now a massive fan!

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