L’Oreal Elvive hair mask – Review




For many years now I have loved a good face mask but the one thing I always forget about is a hair mask. Looking after your hair is extremely important but for some reason it always comes second in my beauty routine. As much as I want luxurious hair, most of the time I simply cannot be bothered with it. This is for a couple of reasons; firstly because it is super thick so it takes a very long time to do anything with, secondly, after dying it for years, it’s pretty darn damaged. However, last year I pretty much cut it all off and started again so whilst it’s in good(ish) condition, I still find it a lot of effort to look after. Regardless, when I wash my hair and it feels ridiculously dry, it’s time for action. Therefore, a couple of weeks ago I went and picked up L’Oreal’s Elvive extraordinary oil hair mask and now it’s time for a review.

Considering this mask costs less than £5, I honestly think it is amazing value for money. The tub comes with 300ml and considering you have to use a small amount, it is going to last you a very long time. Now with this mask you have to firstly shampoo and condition before going in with it for a further 3-5 minutes. Therefore, it’s definitely not something to use when you are in a rush. However, the results are spectacular!

I kid you not, after the first time of using this product my hair just felt completely rejuvenated. It had volume, texture and was as smooth as anything! The product claims to leave the hair “intensely nourished and silky to touch” and boy it does just that! Also this product smells insanely good and is not lost in the wash so your hair is left smelling ridiculously good. What I love most about this product though is how quickly it fixed my hair. It seriously works and for the price tag, I have no complaints.

If you are on the hunt for a good affordable hair mask then I would 100% recommend picking this up!!


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