Top lipstick picks



For any makeup lover, lipstick is the most precious item in any makeup bag. It’s every girls hidden gem; it’s what completes a look. Without lipstick I always feel naked and incomplete. Even if I’m wearing very little makeup, a nice sheer lipstick will just make me feel that bit more pulled together. As the years have gone by, my lipstick collection has reached new heights. It is that one makeup category that is continuously growing almost day by day. I physically don’t think I can walk into beauty store and not pick up a lipstick. It’s just not in my character to ignore those precious tubes of heaven. I have to admit however, when it comes to lipstick, I really do love to splurge. Saving my money so that I can buy countless amounts of lipstick is what I love to do. However, for next weeks top picks, the drugstore will be making a reappearance. For today’s top picks however, I will be splitting this post into three categories; matte, creamy, sheer balm.

Matte lipstick – Urban Decay Vice in ‘714’



The Urban Decay Vice collection is my absolute favourite lipstick range. However, their matte formulation takes the lead when it comes to my holy grails. I am not a massive fan of anything matte, especially on my lips as I find it extremely drying and uncomfortable. However, the Urban Decay matte formula does the complete opposite. Not only do I find the texture extremely comfortable but the pigmentation and lasting power is beyond superior. I’ve always loved a bright red matte lipstick, however until ‘714’ was released, I was never able to actually wear them. Not only is a true red, which is actually quite hard to find but it’s a comfortable matte and doesn’t smudge all over your face throughout the day. For someone who is a messy eater, this is pretty amazing! Full review of all formulations here 

Cream lipstick – Anything Chanel!



Give me a black tube with the gold Chanel logo on the top and I’m pretty much going to be in love from the get go. The Chanel lipsticks are just so luxurious that is hard to say no to them. Regardless of the packaging and the brand, the actual lipsticks have never let me down. Unfortunately, my absolute favourite is no longer sold and I’m running rather short. However, all of their lipsticks are super creamy and last all day. Although I always carry my lipsticks around with me, when I’m wearing Chanel, I very rarely have to touch up. I find Chanel lipsticks the most comfortable of all and it is for this reason that they are my go to on a daily basis.

Sheer balm – Dior Addict lip glow 



I really do think that sheer balm lipsticks are massively underrated. Either for when you are in a rush or simply rocking a no makeup look, sheer balms are the perfect handbag item. Although regular lip balms are great, sometimes it is just nice to have a subtle tint. This is why I think sheer lipsticks balms are must in every girl’s collection. They are super handy when you’re just feeling low maintenance. The Dior one is my absolute favourite as not only is the packaging absolutely stunning but the actual product is creamy, hydrating and smells delicious.






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