Transitioning into autumn



I believe that society is split into two sections; people who love spring and summer and people who love autumn and winter. That’s my happy and naive version of society anyway and that’s how I would like to keep it for this blog post! Anyway, for those of us who are big autumn and winter fans, it’s now our turn to go crazy about it.

As I am sat here writing this post, it is raining outside, the colour of the trees are beginning to turn and the leaves beginning to fall. It’s not quite autumn but it’s definitely approaching. It is this time of year when I always start thinking about my wardrobe and makeup style. So today I thought I would share with you some of my absolute essentials during the colder seasons.


A long coat

Whether it is a trench coat, a collar coat or a throw on coat, a long coat is the perfect addition is any autumn wardrobe. If like me you much prefer to use an umbrella rather than wearing a massive waterproof then a long coat will see you right through till spring. What I love about long coats is that they are the perfect over lay for any outfit. Whether you are rocking the casual jeans and jumper or a flattering dress and boots, a long coat will match perfectly. Although you can now purchase them in many different shades and cuts, I would personally always pick a neutral straight down cut, as they will match with all of your outfits. You can pick up some great coats in the high street and on places such as Asos.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots are a MUST in my book when it comes to autumn and winter. I know most people typically opt for Chelsea boots, however, I am a fan of any type of ankle boot. Ankle boots are a great way to keep your feet warm and dry whilst still being stylish. I typically prefer the heeled variety of ankle boots but I prefer heels in general. We all know I am a monochrome person through and through. Therefore, black, grey and brown boots are my go to in the colder months. However, I am also a big fan of coloured and patterned boots as they are great way to add a bit of glam to a simple look. Again, ankle boots are super easy to pick up for an affordable price on the high street.


autumn 5

An endless of supply of knitwear is how to get through the colder seasons in my opinion. Whether it’s jumpers, scarves, dresses, you name it; give it to me. Knitwear to me is probably the most used and loved variety of clothing when it comes to the colder seasons. I kid you not, I live to wear jumpers and scarf’s all day long. Who doesn’t love cuddling up with a cup of tea on the sofa in a large baggy jumper? Like seriously, I live for it. Every autumn and winter I pick up so much new knitwear but I just love it and in my opinion you can never have too much.

The berry lipstick

‘Scarlet Empress’ where are you it is time to come out now?! I know I love to rock a good nude most of the time but come autumn and winter, I love a good berry lipstick. A berry lipstick to me is the true representation of all things autumn and winter. I absolutely love being able to walk around with a bold lip and no one blinks an eye because it’s more acceptable come October. My two absolute favourites are NARS ‘Scarlet Empress’ and Chanel ‘ La Somptueuse’. This year however, I am determined to find a drugstore alternative, which makes the cut! Give me suggestions!!


Bronzy eye shadows

Girl Christmas is only like what 110 days away? Get out those bronze eye shadows. During summer I like to stay loyal to my matte and neutral eye shadows. This is mostly because during the summer months I want my face to look bright and glowy. However, in autumn and winter this is where you can really play. As soon as October hits, I dive straight into my bronzes, my shimmers and my more festive eye shadows. I just feel that during the colder months, you can really play with your makeup a bit more and bronze eye shadows for me are my absolute go to. Of course you can play with your makeup and wear what you want any time of the year but I just find it more fun to wear such shades in winter!

So those are my must have products for autumn and winter. I am so ready for all things festive and winter and snuggly and I could probably continue for a while here.

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