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It’s that time of the week again for my top picks! This week I thought I would discuss one of the most prominent makeup products in every girls collection; concealer. Concealer is one of the most important products in any makeup bag. It is a product that you wear from the moment you begin wearing makeup right up until the very up. For me anyway, I was introduced to ‘proper’ makeup through concealer. When I first started getting the unavoidable spots of puberty, I was allowed to wear concealer to help cover them. Now I wear it to pretty much cover my entire face; spots, blemishes, under eyes, highlighting, you name it. Whether you are a complete makeup junky or someone who doesn’t really wear makeup, whether it is good for our skins or not, most girls (and boys, yeah I remember the tough boys running over asking for concealer to cover badass spots in school) want concealer. I think is why the drug do so extraordinarily well in this department. So with all that being said, today’s top picks are being split into three categories; direct spot concealing, general concealing of blemishes and highlighting.

Direct spot concealing; Nars creamy radiant concealer


From the moment we start using concealer to cover spots we are taught to apply it directly onto the pimple. These concealers need to be as close to our skin tones as possible, they need to be pretty full coverage and we only apply them to the pimple and not to the enter face in order to reduce attention. As I have previously said, on a normal basis, I don’t suffer that badly with spots and when I do (this current breakout being an exception) I can usually cover with foundation. However, when I do get spots that require extra attention, I always reach for my Nars creamy radiant concealer as it ticks all the boxes for spot covering. What I love about this concealer is not only does it cover spots but also it doesn’t crack when it begins to wear down. There is nothing worse than when you are having a breakout and your makeup draws attention to it rather than distracting. If I am out for long periods of time and the concealer inevitably starts wearing down, it is really easy to just top up directly onto the spot. It is a must have in my handbag when my skin isn’t being so forgiving.

General concealing of blemishes: Maybelline Eraser eye 


As much as I love this concealer for the under the eye, I much prefer to use it for covering blemishes on my face. If I am honest, on a daily basis, I generally like to go in with a light to medium coverage foundation and then top my base up with this concealer. I like to do this as it allows me to build coverage where I need coverage and leave the rest of my face more natural. I typically use this concealer around my T-zone just to really cover any blemishes or redness that may be peaking through the foundation. What I love about this concealer is it super high coverage and literally conceals everything but it doesn’t look cakey on the face and if blended enough it can still look natural. I generally have lost count of how many tubes of this product I have gone through as I don’t think there is a day when I don’t use it. It is well and truly a staple in my collection.

Highlighting: Bourjois Radiance reveal AND Urban Decay Naked skin 


I’m not going to lie to you here, this category was so hard to pick for. When it comes to under the eye, some people opt for shades that match their skin tones and others go for ones that highlight and brighten. I am in that category that highlights the living hell out of their under eye and I’m not ashamed. But anyway, unlike the rest of my concealers that I stay pretty loyal to and may change up every now and then, for under my eye, I’m constantly changing it up. I don’t know why but I think because highlighting the under eye is the option that most people go for, there is so many options out there. I think this is the category where the competition between the drug-store and high-end really exists as both get it right. I have so many gems from both ends of the spectrum that I just thought I would pick one of each as it would be impossible to narrow it down to just one. What I love about both of these two products is that both conceal the under eye so well but in very different ways. The Bourjois concealer is definitely lighter in coverage, so it actually works quite well on a daily basis, but it does the job you need it to do and creasing is minimal. The Urban Decay concealer is full coverage and extremely bright, so it is something I would reach for on heavier makeup occasions, but again it does the job, it blends well and creasing is minimal. I always give a bit of leeway with under eye concealers when it comes to creasing as well facial expressions are unavoidable, however, at the same time I don’t want a concealer to give me the appearance of wrinkles at 21. Therefore, what I love about both of these is when blended and set properly, there is very little creasing. Alongside this, they both last long periods of time before they begin to wear down so they are wins in my book!

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