Moving to unknown territory on a budget

As a part of trying to make my blog more diverse, I have officially set up a lifestyle advice category! I have decided that I want to start incorporating lifestyle more into my blog and this is officially the first post to go live under this category. So I thought it was best suited that today’s post was something that is totally relevant to me right now! I hope you enjoy and like this new style of blog and let’s jump in!!

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Moving to a new city or a new place can be extremely overwhelming and expensive. These moves can be really exciting and can mark a new chapter in your life. However, if you are on a strict budget or your financial situation is a little unstable, then these moves can be difficult and stressful. Having made two major moves in my life, one with a student loan and one without, I have had to learn to importance of money and budgeting. If you are moving to an area where your family does not reside (as I have done so twice), financial independence becomes even more important. Popping into nans house for some lunch is no longer an option. After spending the past week moving into our new flat and realising that we did not bring enough crockery or kitchenware, we have been on the hunt for affordable shops. Not only have we been looking for the necessities but also the things that make a place feel like home. I have always been a big family and homely person, and thereby wherever I live it has to feel like home pretty quickly in order for me to settle in. However, as my recent move to Bath was done in one car journey, consisting of both mine and my partners belongings, there was not enough room for comforting interiors. Today I thought I would share some friendly advice on moving to a completely new area. I’m definitely no financial advisor but I think I’ve learnt a thing or two about moving to unknown territory.

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Set up a savings account!!

If you are intending on moving to a completely new county (or country), then the chances are that discussions and plans have taken place months in advance. Whether you work full or part time, setting up a savings account and actually putting money in there, is the most beneficial thing you can do in the up run to a move. Even if you are in a job you absolutely hate, work as many hours as you possible can, because I kid you not, having money at the other end makes life a lot easier. You need to make sure you have money for a deposit, administration fees and a first month’s rent, oh and this is before you even move in. If you are extremely organised and have enough time to save, I would recommend having at least two extra months rent in that savings account just so if the worst happens and you can’t get a job immediately then you can still pay the rent, as this is the most important thing.

Take a trip to IKEA

I know people must be so bored of constantly seeing bloggers and influencers bang on about IKEA but if you’ve never been you won’t understand. If you’re moving into a new home, as student, non-student, professional, on a budget, not on a budget, IKEA is place to be. I mean obviously if you can afford the likes Selfridges to decorate your house, then you do you, I’m jealous but I doubt any such person is this reading this blog. What I love about IKEA is you can pick up the simple things such as a tin opener for £1 but you can also pick up comfy interiors such as rugs and cushions. I never quite appreciated the significance of a rug until this week when I knew I desperately needed one for my flat to feel homely. Half an hour in the rug section getting mesmerised by all the different types, we left with a gorgeous circular cream one for £25. You can get absolutely everything in IKEA (including some delicious meatballs) and everything is fairly priced according to the product! If you have just moved into a new house and you have an IKEA near you, I would 100% recommend popping in!

Get a job!

The chances are if you’re young and in your early 20’s, you’re probably not going to have a job lined up when move. Sometimes, it’s just easier to go and find a job whilst you’re there. Getting a job does two things when you first move to a new area; it provides financial income and allows you to meet new people. Even if you initially get a job in something you’re not particularly fond of, it is easier to get a job whilst you’re working than when you’re unemployed (or so people keep telling me anyway). Getting a job when you first move will allow you to meet people who are familiar area and thus can recommend places and they may even become to be your friend. It is surprising just how much having a job increases your social circle and without knowing anyone in a new area it can become pretty lonely quite quickly.

Find your local Lidl!

Mum and dad may have been avid Waitrose shoppers or even Asda but when you first move to a new area on a budget, kid you need to find Lidl. Unless you have ever done a shop when you first move into a house, you cannot understand just how expensive it is. You’re not just doing a food shop, you are doing a full food shop. Honestly, when my parents took me on my first ever ‘proper’ food shop when I first went to university, it cost nearly £100 from Asda and all my friends were the same. Now as much as we had saved, when we moved last week, we weren’t prepared to spend £100 on our first day just on food. So we found our local Lidl and cut the bill in half and guess what? The food tastes exactly the same!


It costs nothing to put on your shoes and walk around your new area. You will never get to know the area unless you go and explore and I don’t mean driving around in the car. If you are like me and you want to know where all the shops are then take a walk and go and find them, you don’t have to spend anything! Taking a walk around your local area and getting to know your way around is so important in those initial weeks. There is nothing worse than locking yourself up inside and waiting for the world to come to you. The chances are if you’ve moved to a new area, it’s because you wanted to see different things and explore so go and do that!


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