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Eyeshadow can be one of the most empowering makeup products in any woman’s collection. From the moment you start wearing it properly (not when you’re 8 messing around with bright pink glitter), there is no turning back. Eyeshadow can completely change your appearance and style. It can make you look sophisticated and professional or relaxed and ready for a good time. Either way, eyeshadow is fun to play around with and no one shadow is the same. As a result of this, it is near impossible not to want to collect them. Whether it is in palette form or singular pods, any makeup guru’s collection is filled with eyeshadow. Therefore, as you can imagine, creating top picks for this particular category is rather difficult. After spending the entire morning roaming through my collection, I have finally narrowed down my top shadows for the following categories; palettes, singular shimmer, singular matte and cream based (including sticks). So before this becomes the longest blog post in existence, I think I should just jump straight in.

PalettesUrban Decay Naked Basics


We all know that Urban Decay are spot on with their eyeshadows. I do not own a single shadow from them that does not meet the cut. All be it, there are ones I wear more than others but all are highly pigmented, easy to blend, long lasting and absolutely gorgeous. Regardless we all have our preferences and my Naked Basics palette is my all time favourite. I am not even exaggerating when I say, I literally use this every single day. For my day-to-day routine I always use this palette to create a simple a matte eye and for more glamorous looks, I use the palette to create the initial base. Without a doubt, this is hands down my top, go to eyeshadow palette. Full review here

Singular shimmerStila eyeshadow in ‘kitten’


This was honestly the hardest category to narrow down. Although I’m 100% a matte girl on a daily basis, shimmer shadows are just irresistible to me. However, out of all of my shimmers, Stila seem to get it right every time. I originally owned ‘kitten’ in one of their palettes and loved it so much that I went on to purchase it in a singular pod. Thereby, I decided it had to get an honorary mention as a shimmer shadow. What I love about this shadow is it is super pigmented, super creamy and has minimal if not zero fall out. There is nothing more frustrating than when you find that perfect shimmer shadow, only to discover it has severe fall out. If you are on the look out for a new shimmer shadow, I would 100% look at Stila as their shadows are spot on.

Singular matteFreedom #ProArtist in ‘Contour 2’


Do you know what I absolutely love? When you walk into the drugstore with no intention of buying something and then you just see this one item that really stands out to you? Typically for me this happens with lipsticks, highlighters or shimmer shadows. However, the freedom singular matte pods really stood out to me when I initially discovered them. I’m not too sure why but they all just looked like the perfect shades to define the eyes. ‘Contour 2’ is well and truly the most perfect transition shade. I know transition shades aren’t really something that catch peoples eye but they are something everyone should have in their collection. What I love about the #ProArtist range is that not only are they SUPER affordable, but also they perform very similarly to many of my high-end shadows. They are pigmented, extremely easy to blend and last all day. What I love about ‘Contour 2’ is that it does all of the above whilst still acting as a subtle transition shade to begin defining the eye.

Cream shadowsKIKO shadow sticks


Following on from palettes, this was by far the easiest category to choose my top picks. The KIKO shadow sticks are without a doubt, the best cream based shadows I have ever tried. I know people adore the Laura Geller and By Terry shadow sticks, but when you take into consideration value for money, I truly believe that the KIKO sticks are the best. My two favourite colours are 05 and 06 as they are perfect for winter and evening looks. What I love about shadow sticks is that they are super handy when you are in a rush and just need to look pulled together. Apply all over the lid and quickly blend in with your fingers and you are good to go. The KIKO sticks, are pigmented, super creamy, easy to blend, last all day oh and are extremely affordable!!

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8 thoughts on “Top eyeshadow picks

  1. I’m still undecided about whether to buy the naked ultimate basics… I’m not sure how often id reach for it. Do you find you reach for it a lot and can use them for multiple occasions?

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