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We all know those situations when you’re either at work or just going about your day and a friend says “hey lets go for a drink this evening” or you get a message from a family member saying “we are going out to dinner tonight”. It just so happens that it is always those exact situations when you know you will have zero time to go home and redo your hair and makeup. You’ll have just about enough time to run in and change your clothes but if you are anything like me you will also use those few minutes just to vamp up your makeup. Now if in such scenarios you have a friend waiting in the car, it usually adds extra pressure as despite them saying “take your time”, you know that anything over ten minutes is too long. Therefore, to help in these situations, today I thought I would share some of my favourite ways to transition a daytime look into an evening one.

The eyes

First things first, it’s time to quickly add a bit of vavoom to the eyes. If like me you opt for a matte look on a daily basis, it is really easy to transition this into a Smokey eye. I usually like to grab my golden shimmer “baked” from Urban Decay and place this on the inner and middle part of my eye with my finger. Having left the outer part of my eye with what was left from the day, I quickly grab a dense eye shadow brush and apply a dark matte (usually brown) and blend it into the golden shimmer. After which I grab a big fluffy brush and blend everything together making sure there are no sharp lines. This takes about 30 seconds on each eye and is perfect way to go from day to evening. At this point I wouldn’t usually mesh around with liquid liner, I just use a pencil liner to define my upper waterline.

The face

This is pretty simple and to be honest, something that can easily be done in the car. I literally just go over my bronzer, blusher and highlighter. If I have a few blemishes that have started to creep through, I will quickly cover them with a bit of concealer but all in all, the face stays the same.

The lips

Again, another quick transition. Now I know a lot of people like to wear nude shades no matter what the occasion and quite often I am the same. However, in order to show that I have altered my makeup from day to evening, I usually opt for a bright red lip during this season. My absolute favourite red to rock is 711 from Urban Decay, it’s matte, it’s a true red and dammm it is gorgeous!! A red lip is the perfect way to say “I am here bitches” and also to look extremely pulled together. A red lip always wins in my opinion and is the perfect shade for a casual drink with friends.




So there you have it! A quick touch up on the key areas and you are good to go. It is so simple to go from day to evening as long as you remain calm. I know it is all too easy to stress under such situations but it really only does take 5 minutes. Hair? Just give it a brush and maybe run the straighteners through it and get out of that door!!

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